Y6 😎Green Group Work😎

Hi Year 6. I hope you are safe and well and had a lovely weekend. I set some work for you last week and was disappointed that many of you didn’t even try to have a go. Please could you ensure to complete all the work on the blog. Thank you.

I am setting you some SPag where you have to sort the sentences out into present perfect or simple past. The beginning of the sentence has been done for you. Your task is to completed the sentence using the write tense. Alongside, I am setting you two maths questions related to angles. We have done some angle work and symmetry.

The following children must complete this work and I will be checking all week.

  • Sara
  • Barkad
  • Hamza Y
  • Samuel
  • Luiza
  • Ayub
  • Rayhan
  • Saif
  • Uzair
  • Haya
  • Suardo
  • Ianis
  • Jessica
  • Elena
  • Ayeza
  • Sofai

26 thoughts on “Y6 😎Green Group Work😎

    • Well done Samuel for having a go and seeing you on the blog. Have a look at the response i wrote for Luiza. You need to sort the sentences out into present perfect and simple past. The sentences are there in the table.

    • Well done for trying Ayub, please read Mrs Janjua’s comment to Luiza. This will help you complete the above task. Have a go at completing the maths questions too.

    • Well done for having a go Ayub. Look at the response I wrote for Luiza. This is a sorting activity. You have to sort the sentences from the table into Present perfect and Simple Past.

    • Christina you have not read the question properly. You are to sort the sentences out into present perfect and simple past. For example.
      Present Perfect.
      I have watched a film
      She has swam
      Sort the others in this way too.

      Then: Simple Past
      She walked
      I read the magazine
      Have another go

    • Luzia read my response to Hamza , you need to look at question one again. Also try to answer the two maths questions, I know you are amazing at maths!

  1. The two shapes that have a right angle are:
    First geometric figure from above in the middle row that is tilted like a house,the second one is on the first row on the left side at the bottom.

    The two shapes without lines of symmetry are the ones on the right hand side.

  2. I have = I’ve she has = she’s we have= we’ve you have=you’ve the=the Maths the one that looks like a house and is a right angle and the one that looks like a hexagon is a right angle Maths two The one that looks like a rectangle has a line of symmetry and the diamond.

    • Hi Hamza look at your answers for the first activity you need to sort the correct sentences from the table below the question into the correct column. For example under the present perfect column who would copy the following sentences :
      I have watched a film
      She has swum
      We have eaten

      Hope this makes sense !

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