Y6 1/06/20 🌟 Inspiration 🌟

Good morning Year 6, I hope you are all safe and well. Welcome back to the final Summer Term. Not quite the way we expected but we are still a team and we will power through this. I hope you have had a peaceful and brilliant half term. The sun has been out which I hope has helped the situation. Anyway, forwarding you a positive quote to get you started this half term. The blogs are back on so please keep checking.
Alongside this, I would like you to reflect over these past few weeks. It has been a difficult time for all of us where we have to change our ways, change the way we do things, change the way we shop and even change the way we behave. As you way we shop has been very different and some of us have had to depend on our local shops for key resources.
The question I would like to ask you is: If you could open one kind of store around the corner, what would it be and why do you think it will be successful?
I would like to write a short paragraph explaining your venture, the success, the risks, what you would sell and what type of shop it would be? Your business needs to be successful and why. Please post on the blog.

25 thoughts on “Y6 1/06/20 🌟 Inspiration 🌟

  1. If I were to open a shop it would be a stationary shop. This is because many people need stationary these days especially teenagers because they go to secondary school and need a lot of stationary and work books. My shop would be successful because not only would it sell stationary it would also sell some quick snacks and if I put stuff on for half price then I would get more customers and gain more profit.

  2. Task 1

    If i were to open a shop at this time, i would open a shop containing some paracetamol, antibiotics or some vitamin tablets. If im out of it then i would add some some fruits and vegetables just so i would have time to stock up and would have paper bags for 10p i would open it 6 hours for 7 days every week. There would be 7 people allowed at a time so it wont be crammed with people who are gonna buy stuff. You would be able to buy one single pack of paracetamol so it wont be gone in a couple of days. This is my idea if i were to open a shop

  3. I really like this thought of starting my own shop. It has been a challenging time for all of us, especially children as they find it really hard to occupy themselves in the house. If I am ever going to open a shop it would be a toy shop where people can borrow toys, take them home and their children can play with them, they can return it after a week and can borrow some more. This way children can have a variety of toys to play with and it would bring smile to their faces. The only risk would be lost or damaged toys and for that, I would put up a small deposit for people to pay so that toy can be replaced. All the toys would be thoroughly cleaned before being handed to the customer and also after being returned. I think it would be successful as there are children in most households and buying new toys now and then can be expensive for the parents and so parents can get variety of toys from my shop without spending a fortune. With this, children might be educated and have fun during the lockdown.

    • I love this idea Eshaal. It’s very similar to how a library works. Children and parents can benefit from having such a wide variety of toys to play with at a smaller cost. Well done.

      • That is a super idea Eshaal. I never even thought of that. Well done for thinking outside the box. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

  4. I would open a Music Store.
    This would be Successful because Music can make people happy if you do it right and keep them entertained.
    So i wound open a Music Store.

    Stay Safe.

  5. Hi I would want McDonald’s to open even though it’s not round the corner. I would like this place to open because I love my stwarberry lemonade ice drink and my McFlurrys. Well I think that children like McDonald’s because it has balloons and all sorts of things. Macdonalds is my favourite place to eat and drink. I think children and grown ups have lots of decisions what to eat. You could also go with friends and to cheer up children they have balloons and in their happy meal there is a toy. I personally think it should be successful because kfc is open to drivethroughes. And they both have meat. So they are fairly the same.

  6. Hi Ms Janjua and Miss Vega. Thank you for these two positive quotes.
    If I were to open a shop round a corner it would be a mini grocery store. This is because at the moment there is a long queue to go to the supermarket and there is also a shortage as we don’t get some things shipped to us from other countries. This would be a successful business as many people would want to find more practical ways to get the things that they need most. If there was a shop, it could help people skip those long queues as it is only a local shop. However, there could be a risk of some people underestimating the shop as it would only be one at the side of the road. They might think that the best quality is only from the big retailers. To promote my shop, I would stick some posters around the local area so people know that they can get good food there.

  7. Hi Mis Janjua and Miss Vega, I hope you are all doing well and are staying safe and healthy. If I had the opportunity to open a shop around the corner it would definitely be a supermarket such as Tesco or Asda. This is because since many people are bulk buying some do not have the chance to get important supplies. I wouldn’t consider opening any entertainment stores since that would attract people and therefore spread the 🦠 virus. A supermarket would be a successful thing to do as many can buy things and the majority of people would receive the necessities they require.

    In this shop I would keep it small because the bigger the shop and the more unhealthy foods it has will attract residents. Therefore, I will only keep supplies which are really important. This includes…

    All toiletries
    Health and fitness supplies

  8. Hi Miss Janjua.
    I would open maybe a dessert place because in these hard times we should treat ourselves for being positive.
    Miss you xx.

    • Morning Laraib, I hope you have had a good break. Read my question again. More detail. How would it be successful? Stretch yourself Laraib. Re-write your response again with correct punctuation and explain yourself clearly.

    • I think that if I were going to open a shop around the corner I would open a greengrocers. At the moment Jo Richards is always busy; people want to buy fresh and affordable produce without having to wait in supermarket queues. Not only this, through bringing affordable fruit and vegetables to society it would be beneficial as it the health benefits could improve immune systems which is incredibly busy at the moment. Not only this, most greengrocers also sell produce such as flowers and succulents. These are important products at the moment as many people are improving their homes and gardens during lockdown. I would ensure that I catered for a variety of clients and have flowers of all price ranges. I would like to specialise in wildflower seeds as I believe that they are great for the environment, low cost and also detrimental when improving pollination and wildlife habitats.
      The main issue that could occur in this shop would be cross contamination; as the produce is fresh there is not much packaging. To tackle this problem I would ensure that guests are supplied with gloves for their shopping experience!

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