Y6 20th May 2020 ✨Inspiration ✨

Good Morning Year 6, I hope you are safe and well. It was lovely to hear from you yesterday. Today, I am sending you my tow motivational pictures. As always, I would like you to write but your own quote for the second picture, Also, today i would like you to write a short paragraph about ‘What has quarantine/lockdown been for you? What has it meant it to you? How has it made you feel? How has it affected you? Has it been a life changing experience? What have you changed about yourself?

These short extracts would be great for our book. Make sure you write in full sentences using all your literacy techniques eg… Capital letters, Full stops, commas, powerful adjectives etc… I would like your sentences to make sense. These are about your own feelings during this difficult time. A paragraph should be fine, but Ayesha if you want to write more please feel free. I don’t want bullet points. Can all of you have a go please. Also can you write it on the blog so that I can see it and not email it. Thank you I look forward to them.

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  1. Hi Miss Vega And Ms Janjua! I hope you are all well! My quote for today is:
    “If you keep on trying, you won’t miss your target, no matter how hard it is to achieve.”
    This is my quote because in the picture there is a dart and it has been put in the middle of a target that is underground. This will be hard to achieve as you cannot see it. So you should never give up!

    • My paragraph:
      In my opinion, I think that lockdown has helped us. It has kept us safe from getting the virus and it has also tested our patience. However, I do feel a bit disappointed that we are not able to go out and enjoy the lovely weather. It is very different to what we usually do in our everyday lives so we just have to adjust for a little while.

      • That is very true Anya. Can you add more feelings and emotion in your paragraph, rather than a recount. Detailed sentences, a bit like a diary entry.

  2. My quote for today is “you are a dart and you want to hit the bullseye but you are missing the bullseye but if we do it together and with teamwork we can hit the bullseye

  3. Hi Ms Janjua
    My quote:
    “In the darkest times your heart will shine in different places”.
    My paragraph:
    Lockdown for me has been going okay because it is Ramadan for us and it keeps me occupied. Quarantine for me meant that we should be social distancing and not touch each other physically. Quarantine has made me feel that I took everything for granted and I shouldn’t of have. It’s affected me because I can’t see my friends and family and also my education is lacking a little as I don’t have a teacher there in person. For me it has been a life changing experience because I’m not allowed to touch people and also we have to keep 2m away. Quarantine has changed as now I don’t take anything for granted now talk to more family more than I did in person.

    • This is heartwarming – I think that everyone has learnt to appreciate everything that surrounds them a little more. When we were all at school I didn’t get to see my younger brother much as he is a ‘hip’ teenager now. But be being able to spend time with him and help him with his education has meant that we are now closer than every! There is always a silver lining and I believe that being positive is the most effective way to spend lockdown!

  4. Hi miss, I hope you are all staying safe and healthy. With all the changes coming recently, it has definitely been a little bit confusing and slightly awkward. I had never thought we would miss our SATs or our graduation. This may seem a little weird, it kind of feels wrong that we haven’t graduated from our SATs which for me is kind of sad. Anyways, here are my short paragraphs.

    Being stuck at bike has definitely brought some changes in my life. Many festivals or religious occasions have been postponed or celebrated in an awkward way. Since I am a Hindu, I have the habit of celebrating a lot of festivals. However this year, my 2 most favourite festivals have been stopped and that hurts me.

    Since we are in lockdown, we are not receiving that physical education we should be. We recently discussed the side effects of how your body changes if you don’t exercise and the outcome of that can be serious. I have had to adapt to different forms of exercise such as Yoga, Chloe Ting and Joe Wicks. I found the garden is also very useful for exercise and you don’t need expensive equipment to engage yourself into exercise.

    I also got into the habit of waking up really early than I normally do and I found that being stuck at home is really boring. I have also found new hobbies such as digital art and reading thriller books.

    Quarantine has made me feel a bit like animals do. However not fully, since we have much more space to roam around. I also found that we get to spend much more quality time with family then we normally would.

    Quarantine and lockdown has made me recognise the importance of being a team and like I said treasuring moments with family. I still stand by the fact of you should be waking up and sleeping fairly early. Even thigh we aren’t in school, waking up early makes my feel more organised and productive.

    My quote for today is,
    “When you aim for your goal and persevere,you can get through the toughest of times and the hardest of obstacles.

    This is because,the dart shown is piercing through a slab of stoke or something hard like that and that just shows resilience and perseverance to me.

    • It is such a strange time isn’t it, yet it is strangely beginning to feel ‘normal’ to me! I agree Dev, going to sleep early and getting up as you would for school definitely helps, it makes me much more productive!

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