Y6 – 21/5 – Nonsense Newspaper

As it is the last day before the half term I thought it would be apt to have some fun! Today I am going to post some of the strangest newspaper headlines I can find from around the world. I would like you to tell me what you think that the story behind them is!

Do your bit for farmers and eat more fries, Belgians urged

Singapore knicker nicker gets nicked for lockdown breach

Virus can’t stop German’s getting their baguettes

Woman fined for taking turtle for a walk in Rome

Now, I would like you to create your own headlines for these photographs

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Number 1
Number 2
Springer Spaniel Gun Dog driving car
Number 3

Challenge- Can you find a strange headline that we could guess the story behind?

71 thoughts on “Y6 – 21/5 – Nonsense Newspaper

  1. 1)The human race have merge with the incredibly talented horses!
    2)Theft of Thusrday: Mother duck steals money as her ducklings distract a wealthy woman.
    3)The dogs have taken over earth! Now they know how to drive!

  2. 1.Horse karaoke happening in the talented town.
    2.Three little ducks distract the wealthy woman whilst the mummy duck smartly steals her money.
    3.Dogs invade the cars.

  3. Do your bit for farmers and eat more fries, Belgians urged.
    This could mean but more potatoes so farmers can make money.

    Singapore knicker nicker gets nicked for lockdown breach.
    Someone who steals for robbed

    Virus can’t stop German’s getting their baguettes
    Even with the virus about it won’t stop the German’s from buying their baguette

    Woman fined for taking turtle for a walk in Rome
    A woman didn’t have a dog so she took a turtle for a walk.This may be because she was looking for an excuse to leave her house.

    Horse headline act
    Geesey money
    A ‘Ruff’ guide on how to drive

  4. Belgians are forced to eat fries.
    Someone who likes stealing knickers.
    The virus 🦠 is in Germany and the German people are still eating baguettes.
    This women got find for taking a turtle on a walk.

  5. 1 I think we should potatoes cause they easy grow and to eat
    2 I think make lockdown rules stricter
    3 I think should the virus it not scaring Germany
    4 I think she should be find because she because she a turtle

  6. 1.) No rules apply to horses.
    2.) Lockdown is a chance for animals to perform daylight robbery.
    3.) Animals are now living the lives that they would not have been able to do before.

  7. Lockdown isn’t so bad with horses playing instruments right?
    Lady tries to touch the goose’s baby’s but karma hits HER MONEY IS GONE
    its safe for a dog to drive a old car right.

  8. 1.Horses next hobby??
    2.Swans helping the public by tipping people to secure her babies??!
    3.Dogs killing its owner to drive his car. What is next!!?
    1.Theese horses don’t have money so the might as well try something new to make the money to buy an escape route to conquer the world now they look innocent wait just wait.
    2.We have given so much to swans so they would pay back by money for the wellbeing. So cute.
    3.Dos now want some freedom they could’ve had that but no they are pets and will always be pets so they think they can have everything.NO

  9. Task 1:
    1. Do your bit for farmers and eat more fries, Belgians urged:
    It might mean that we buy some of the farmers products.
    2. Singapore knicker nicker gets nicked for lockdown breach:
    It could be that a famous and powerful pickpocketer got pickpocketed himself by someone else.
    3. Virus can’t stop German’s getting their baguettes:
    Maybe, even though there is the coronavirus out there in the world, the French still ship baguettes to Germany.
    4. Woman fined for taking turtle for a walk in Rome:
    A woman might of had a pet turtle and she wanted to take it for a walk as if it was a dog. However, she got fined for doing so as turtles aren’t meant to go on walks.

    Task 2:
    1. Horse-Heads Playing Music On The Middle Of The Streets
    This is my title because there are two men with horse heads playing some music.
    2. Goose Steals Money From Woman
    My title is this because as the lady bent down to stroke the baby birds, a goose was taking money out of the woman’s bag.
    3. Dog With Human Body Driving Car?
    I chose this to be my title because a rhetorical question always catches a reader’s eye. Also, the man looks like he has a dog head.

    Headless Chicken Roaming The Streets!?!

  10. 1) Lockdown rules do not apply to horses singing and making music on the streets

    2) Ducks use teamwork to rob money from a ladies hand bag

    3) Countries introduce new laws and trials for dogs to drive unwanted cars!

    • Some catchy headlines there Mario. Well done. Choose one of the headings and write a short newspaper report Can you remember the features of a newspaper report.

  11. Picture 1:
    The virus can’t stop horses playing their music.
    Picture 2:
    The duck steals some money to buy her children some worms.
    Picture 3:
    The dog wants to escape from its owner.😂
    The wolf eats the grandma.😂

  12. 1.Horse Head Musical
    I would name it this because there are two people playing instruments with a horse type of costume on their head and it is really weird just doing that. Also they were probably trying to attract attention and try and act like comedians or something.
    2.2nd Theft This Week: A goose?!?!
    I would name it this because I really don’t think that geese exactly know what money is and what it looks like also geese aren’t that smart to pick up something and put it in the bin, forget picking up money and trying to be smart by stealing it.
    3.Dog Driving Conspiracy????!!!!
    I would name it this because dogs do have a form of their own hands and legs but isn’t this weird that a dog is driving!?!? No dog has ever driven a car before so this all just has to be a hoax!! Dos cant be that smart!!!??

  13. Number 1
    2 men playing music in style
    Number 2
    Desperate measures to feed her ducklings
    Number 3
    Road hazard when dog was seen driving a car.

  14. 1. Horse heading talent – I named it this because the people are dressing up and horse and playing because they have talent. So horse always heads forward so horse heading forward.
    2. Dealing ducks- Because whilst 1 duck is behind the other ducks are distracting the person and the ducks might split it because there working together but when I mean split I think there going to rip it.
    3. . Dogs cruising- I named it this because In the photo it looks like the dog is driving the car but he really isn’t.

  15. 1.Belgians are encouraged to eat more fries to make the farmers richer.
    2.Someone who steals nickers gets arrested in Singapore for breaking the lockdown .
    3.Despite the virus many Germans are still going to shops to buy buaggetes.
    4.A woman in Rome got fined for taking a turtle on a walk.

    1.Escaped horses decide to play musical instrument on the streets.
    2.Dog caught on camera taking money from someone.
    3.A dog hijacked a car and takes it on a spin around London.

  16. 1. I think the first headline about money because no one is eating fries and the potatoe farmer is not getting any money.
    2. I think this could be about someone who steals underwear gets robbed.
    3. The virus is out but it can’t stop the Germans from eating baguettes 🥖.
    4. A woman got fined for taking a turtle on a walk.
    5. Two horses playing music on the streets.
    6. Duck steals money from a women’s bag.
    7. A dog found driving a car.

  17. 1. Horse headed performers. I would name it this because there wearing horse mask and they are performing. I also think that they wore this to make the people on the streets laugh.
    2. Duck theft. I named it this because the duck is stealing s the money out of the business women bag/purse.
    3. Dog with hand and legs? I would name it this because dogs don’t usually have hand and legs with fingers but there is are fingers driving. It also looks like the dog is a human. (I know that it is a human being and the dogs face is popping through the window),

  18. 1)I believe the first “ridiculous headline” could be about, potato farmers, not making enough income, as many people are not buying fries, due to the fact that now-a-days, more people are trying to live a healthy lifestyle.
    I then made a google search, which help me find this article by “REUTERS” talking about how Belgian Farmers, are making less income by about 40% and how potato farmers won’t be able to process almost more than a million potatoes this year!

    2)The second “insane headline” could be about a thief in a certain Singaporean town, this could be reporting about his thefts, or it could be talking about who it is. I then found this article, and it was talking about someone stealing pants/underwear in their local area, that thief however, gets their underwear stolen. THE IRONY!

    3)The next “crazy headline” has a possibility of being about Germans, breaking set lockdown rules, just so that they can get their baguettes, whether this be about not keeping a two-meter distance, e.t.c.
    I then googled this, to then find out that this is true.

    4)The last but not the least “mental headline” is about a lady, who simply took her tortoise, out for a stroll, she was then fined a rough estimate of €440 (four-hundred-and-fourty euros) due to “breaking social distancing rules”

    mY cRaZy HeAdLiNeS: 🤡🤡🤡

    1)Horses + Music: A Good Mix Or Not?



    Challenge: 🏆

    “One-armed man applauds the kindness of strangers”
    how can he clap- ya know what let’s not question it- 🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

  19. Do your bit for farmers and eat more fries, Belgians urged.

    I think tis headline is about the struggle for farmers financially and how they cant sell as much as they used to so to and food is going to waste , so to help the potato situation they are urging people to buy more fries.

    Singapore knicker nicker gets nicked for lockdown breach.

    This headline could be about a naughty knicker thief who was bored of staying at home so breached the lockdown rules to entertain/amuse himself.

    Virus can’t stop German’s getting their baguettes

    Personally I think this headline is saying people in Germany are not letting the virus stop them from getting their baguettes from supermarkets and bakeries .

    Woman fined for taking turtle for a walk in Rome

    This headline could mean she was fined for one thing or another or both: She could be fined for having an endangered and protected species as a pet or breaking lockdown rules or for both.

    Write your own headlines…#

    1)two horses caught horsing about near the shopping centre.
    2)Devious duck and three little bandits rob yet another victim.
    3)Doggy drivers, first step into the future.

  20. 1. Farmers want more people to eat fries so they can make lots of money.
    2. A person who stole knickers had got karma as someone had robbed him.
    3. Germans cant resist going out to buy baugettes.
    4. A woman had got fined by taking a turtle for a walk.

    1. ‘Musical animals’
    2. ‘The cunning ducks’
    3. ‘Half man Half dog’

  21. Task 1
    Do your bit for farmers and eat more fries, Belgians urged
    I think this newspaper could be about potato farmers struggling so they are trying to persuade people to eat more fries so they have higher demands for potatoes.

    Singapore knicker nicker gets nicked for lockdown breach
    This could be about a serial underwear thief that breached the lockdown to go our and steal underwear.

    Virus can’t stop German’s getting their baguettes
    This could be about Germans who will not let the virus stop them from buying baguettes.

    Woman fined for taking turtle for a walk in Rome
    This could be about a woman who wanted to take her turtle out for a walk and did so but got fined as the lockdown measures did not let them turtles out for walks.

    Task 2
    1)Horses playing instruments for a living.
    2) Stop that thieving goose!
    3)Dogs going for a drive?

  22. 1.Belgians are urged to eat fries to increase farmers’ income
    2.Someone who steals knickers got robbed from.
    3.While the virus is about lots of German are still buying baguettes
    4.A woman got fined for taking a turtle on a walk

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