Y6 5th May 2020 ✨Inspiration✨

Good Morning Year 6, I hope you are all safe and well. It was good to hear from some of you yesterday but I was hoping a few more of you would have commented on Devanshi’s pictures. Please take this opportunity to reflect and take part in all blogs.

Here are my two positive images for today. As always write your own quote for the second picture.

25 thoughts on “Y6 5th May 2020 ✨Inspiration✨

  1. My quote for today is:
    If you rush in life alone you could be lead to a catastrophic disaster, but as you go along you make new friends and hey will help you succeed as they want to succeed also.

  2. Hi Miss Vega and Ms Janjua! I miss you all very much. My quote for today is:
    “Life is not a race, take your time and you will succeed!”
    This is because everything that you do in life that is rushed, doesn’t come out well. So, you just need to take your time.

  3. Hi Miss Vega and Ms Janjua. I hope you are well and safe. I really miss everybody and hopefully school opens so we can see each other again. My quote for today is:
    “Crowds of minds can be wise but crowds of bodies ands souls just aren’t!”

      • Hi miss 👋. I could write you a whole explanation about this but I know you have better plans for today!😂😅So instead in simpler words, it means you should be independent and if you work with others then it doesn’t always mean the work is better or you get smarter.

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