Y6 7th May 2020 🌟 Inspiration 🌟

Morning Year 6, I hope you are safe and well and enjoying the sun. It was lovely to be outside and enjoying the fresh air. Thank you for those of you who keep responding. Disappointing to see many of you still haven’t bothered.
Here are my two pictures to keep you smiling. As usual write your own quote for the second picture. We are going to have a great book full of quotes that have helped us during this difficult time. Have a lovely day.

32 thoughts on “Y6 7th May 2020 🌟 Inspiration 🌟

  1. Hi Year 6, hope you are well. My thoughts for the second picture:
    Life is like a balloon, you will only fly as high as what you put into it!

    Have a great day Year 6!

  2. If you want to fly to high, then throw all of the worries that weigh you down.
    This was my quote for today and I hope you are doing well and are staying safe and healthy. Miss you x

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