Year 6 Reading Challenge (Spring 1 2022)

In Spring 1, your Geography unit will be ‘Natural Disasters’.

For your Reading Challenge, we would like you to watch the following clips, read the web links and conduct your own research on HURRICANES, TORNADOES, TYPHOONS AND CYCLONES.
Please complete in your homework books.

Bronze Challenge – Create a fact file on hurricanes and tornadoes. You need to include the following:

  • How they are formed?
  • What parts of the world do they occur?
  • How are people effected?
  • Include appropriate scientific and geographic vocabulary.
  • Pictures//diagrams.
  • Examples of hurricanes in recent history.
  • What vocabulary can be used to describe these disasters?

Silver Challenge – You need to include the above and the following:

  • How are hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes and cyclones different and similar?
  • How do organisations support people who have been effected by these disasters?
  • Include a graph or table to support your research.

Gold Challenge

You will have to use your reading skills to extract key information, infer detail and effects of hurricanes, use comprehending and deductions skills whilst watching the clips and deciding what information is vital in sharing to the desired audience. (Present as you wish BUT you must INCLUDE Y6 writing features)

  • What school values can be associated to these disasters?
  • What can governments do to reduce the negative impact of these natural disasters?
  • Glossary of new words

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