Y6: Science- Promote your roller coaster

All your teachers were blown away with the amazingly creative and detailed rollercoasters designed earlier this week. Well done!

We are still waiting for every child to complete this task.

For those of you who created a rollercoaster today you need to create a persuasive poster to promote your rollercoaster.

This must include a unique name, diagram and a short paragraph describing the experience of your rollercoaster.

Please share health and safety rules, speed limits and age restrictions also.

Please create a slogan for your roller coaster ride.

30 thoughts on “Y6: Science- Promote your roller coaster

  1. I don’t have enough things to build a roller coaster. I only have 2 straws and a bit of paper. That is the only thing I found to build a roller coaster.

  2. Because my brother was not well and he stayed in the hospital for four days. All of us were very worried it was not a very happy time so I could not get the supplies to build a rollercoaster I was on a emotional rollercoaster I could write about that in detail but that would very cringey so I will try to make a rollercoaster when I get the supplies.

    • Thank you for being honest and letting us know. I am glad your brother is now well and on the mend.

      I look forward to seeing what you create, you’re very creative so I can imagine it will be super.

      Please design the rollercoaster.
      Create the rollercoaster.
      Advertise the rollercoaster.

      Send all work the the year6upload email please and thank you :)

    • What a shame, can you retrieve any of the materials or collect some more to have another go? Have you written your persuasive poster? If you have please send a photo in.

    • Yes Gerry but this was meant to be a model. Send in a picture along with your persuasive poster please. Try and collect some materials So you can make your rollercoaster over the weekend.

  3. Ok I a going to make a roller coaster. I made a roller coaster 2 days ago but my mum accidentally through it in the bin.(I made it out of plastic straws).

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