Y6 SMSC (Summer 1)

SOLE: Is it better to express your religion in arts and architecture or in /charity and generosity?

Recap the purpose of charity/ what is the benefit of charity?
Who can give charity?

Identify examples of exceptional religious architecture around the world.
(How much does this cost? Why is this important for communities?)

Over $900million dollars was pledged towards the repair of Notre Dam when it burnt down last July. Understandably, hundreds of years worth of history was abolished and it was a place of worship, but do you think that it is right for millionaires to donate so much money to repair one building? Explain your view….


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  1. Recap the purpose of charity/ what is the benefit of charity?
    Who can give charity?
    The purpose is it gives money, food or other stuff to people who struggle in life. The benefit is you feel good for giving other people stuff which they don’t have, and one day someone could give you something when you are struggling in life.
    Anyone can give to charity.

  2. I believe that giving charity is beneficial, but if we had no architecture religious place like : mosques, cathedrals and many more. We wouldn’t have any place to pray . Charity is like giving precious items or even just a smile. For example, if mosques or cathedrals were being burnt people would give the money to repair it! ( if you can afford it )

  3. I believe that it is right for millionaires to donate so much money as they are much more fortunate than others but I don’t believe it is right if they give a too much that they won’t be able to buy enough food.

  4. The benefit of charity is to help other people who are in poverty, homeless or are struggling with daily life activities for example a shower and home and other activities. Anyone can give charity in any way whether that’s food, clothes or money. Religious building can cost millions of pounds . Religious architecture is important for communities to follow their religion.

  5. I mean like I if they that much of a religious person they yea they will of is the are a bit greedy the will probably give like £5 million or if they are proper greedy they will give none because after all it is there money and the can do whatever they want with it

  6. Me and Iqra both think that they are both acceptable because of if something so precious and beloved by God like a mosques and cathedrals are so beloved by everyone that they would give as much as they would want as it is so precious to them.
    But giving to charity is equally as important. There is about 2,077 people who are homeless in Coventry. And there is about 320,000 homeless people in Britain who are poor. Also houses in Coventry are an average of £231,635 and there are people who have a lot more money then that so if some millionaires/billionaires could pay for a house for them it would be better!

  7. The benefit of charity us to give money to those who are homeless and it can also repair religious homes such as churches and mosques. Examples lead to as a famous cathedral Notre Dame in Paris got burnt down on the 15th April 2019. It took €1 billion to repair the whole cathedral because of one cigarette. It took more than €3.5 bn to renovate.

  8. (Archi)
    I believe that it is more important to Donte to charity as it has more benefits like feeding the homeless and can provide many homes to people.Donating millions to art and architecture is a bit to much for one building when that money can go to people in need or suffering.

  9. Charity is like giving to the homeless and donating money to charity Also helping abuse children and shelters to make people not feel homeless anymore And also help orphanages and adopt a child to make my life better that is what charity is

  10. Charity and generosity is most beneficial as it can pay for so much of the repairs for the Notre Dam. It can repay for all the architecture and more.
    I would also express my religion in charity and generosity because it shows how much each Muslim can do for another person( not just referring to Muslims).

  11. We think that both sides are extremely important however you could be saving millions of lives by giving to charity.But saving a building is not as much as someone’s life.But a place of worship is still important but charity comes first.I believe that charity is more important because people are on the street begging for food and millionaires are money to people who already have money but they can spilt the money 💰.
    Bolu and Ashia

  12. It is right because if a mosque burned and they ask £900milions and millionaire’s donated it will be the same as a cathedral burning down so that’s why millionaires should spend 100millions because it is the god house.

    By Abdi and Qasim.

  13. I believe that, (depending on how religious) a homeless person would want to be able to follow their religion and be poor rather than be rich and not follow their religion. Also, it is completely up to the rich person on where they put their money, one might believe having an area of worship is more necessary than there be no poor people. A majority won’t change a minority.

  14. I think it is not right to just pay for something but giving the poors nothing because even if you raise higher like about 50m than it can go to charity.


    I think they should give money to the building but also give money to the homeless because they need a house and if there billionaires or millionaires they should be able to give enough money to the homeless

  15. Ouzair
    Charity is important because it helps homeless people a broken structures. Anyone that is not homeless can give money to charity. It is really helpful to the other people that need it.
    So homeless people can get sleeping bags and shelter and for bad injuries. Everyone that cares about the homeless people can donate and even if it’s just like 20 pounds it helps

  16. I think that if a Catholic Church had burt people should donate but the government who achelly take all the fame for that amazing church to be on there but can’t pay more than 100 million urges but company’s are paying over 900. Millon pounds

  17. Sometimes it’s best to do both because if you give 10million to a church but the poor people will not get money so I would split the money so it’s fair. I would give it to the poor people because some country’s have lots of poor people. I would give my money to charity since a lot of people need it most likely because they need food and water.
    I think it is better to express your religion in both ways because people pray In a mosque and a church and people in need need money to so I would just split it to make it fair.
    -Marwa,Alina,Alexis, and Hajrah.

  18. what is the benefit of charity?
    The benefit of charity is that u can donate money so that people around the city could spread it out to homeless people and also could help reapair stuff such as religius homes such as churches and mosques or buildings and much more.

    -by absi-

  19. I think it is not right for millionaires to just repair one building for 900 million Also you should be giving homeless people money to eat and a home to stay at so you probably should split it 50/50

  20. If there was no architecture you would have no where to actually pray.
    If you are not giving charity and showing characteristics of your religion then ur not really doing it properly. So both are necessary.

  21. 1 people can do both it kinda there chose if they fancy expressing there religion with art they can and if they want to express there religion with charity that’s also there chose

  22. Charity has many benefits for example it can feed homeless people around the world or it can provide homeless people and family’s home . Any one in the world can give charity . I

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