Year 1 Reading Challenge

In literacy this half term, year 1 will be learning about stories with a fantasy setting.

Watch the video ‘Something Fishy’.



Bronze: Where does the girl in the story go to? How does she get there? Can you think of exciting adjectives for the fantasy world she visits?


Silver: What happens at the beginning, middle and end of the story? How do you think the character feels during these parts of the story?


Gold: What object does the girl travel through to reach the fantasy world? Choose an object in your house. Can you use your imagination and describe an exciting and magical fantasy world that it might take you to?

8 thoughts on “Year 1 Reading Challenge

  1. the girl saw a magical washeing mashein then she jump in she saw
    a swimming fish and she was folwing it and she saw a shark and she swarm out of the washeing mashein the end.

  2. The girl goes inside the washing machine.She saw a bright blue light shining on her face.

  3. Bronze
    1. The girl was at a gym sort of place, until she saw magical door and went in. When she went inside she saw a glowing fish and started to chase it. Suddenly she saw an uncanny and creepy shark and then she also ran away out of the door.
    2. She got to the hall of the gym by her car and she got into the lovely, ocean.
    3. Striking, Ginormous, Sparkly, Fantastico, Lovely, Outstanding, Nice and Good-looking.

    At the beginning a girl was at a gym and saw a glowing door. The glowing door leads the girl to a lovely ocean. When she went into a lovely ocean she spotted a glowing fish and when the girl went in she got all wet and she was moving. When the girl moved her head she saw a shark and got scared and ran away. She was really scared and first she was hiding behind a pink weed and the girl saw the door and ran away frightening. There was a shark that was saying to the girl, I think the trousers are mine.

    THE END!
    The girl felt quite normal when she was reading the comic .When she saw the glowing fish she felt a lot happy and also wanted to get one of the glowing fish. But when she swathe terrific shark she felt really petrified and scared. When she was out of the ocean she was really cold and never wanted to go in there ever again. So she did learn her lesson for the day.

    The girl reached at the fantasy world by entering into the washing machine and she swam along with the happy sea creatures. The girl was petrified when she saw the terrifying, ugly and gruesome shark. The girl was scared and also happy in the fantasy lovely world.

    When I was watching my cartoon I glanced at the TV and saw a portal and I knew that this portal will take me on an amazing adventure. I stepped myself in the mysterious portal and when I was in the portal…I was amazed at the scenery was high above in the soft clouds which were like a comfy bed. Whilst I was strolling across the clouds I saw some magical angels. I thought I will play with them and we had lots of amusing time together. All of a sudden I heard a sound I thought it was one of the angels but it was the cruel bad guy and then I ran out of the TV.

  4. silver
    First Once there lived a big girl and she was in a place like a
    cinema and she was reading a book.Then she was bored of reading it.The girl saw a door and she opened it and went
    inside it.There was light water.she swam through the ugly
    The beautiful girl saw nice socks with fishes on them.
    she went past suddenly she saw a creepy shark. The shark swam until he caught her.The girl felt scared.
    The shark was never to be seen and they lived happily ever.
    until he got

  5. silver:
    She was reading a book and she was getting bored then she saw socks
    fishes.She went inside the water and saw sea creatures then she saw a yellow sock also try to catch it but it swim away.She was
    chased by a shark and then she swim out of the water.After she try to touch the trouser shark then she saw another shark standing next to her.In the beginning she felt bored and tired.In the middle she felt surprised. In the end she felt scared.

  6. First, she was yawning and reading her book.She opened the Acqouiriome door,went inside and swam.She was looking around and
    saw the yellow sock and wanted to catch it.She saw a big Shark and she running away to get into her room.After jumping into her room,and she saw a shark.

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