Year 1 Animal Visit Letter!

Hi Parents,

Please click the link to read the letter below and send your money in as soon as you can. If you have any queries or questions please see one of the Year 1 teachers.

weird and wonderful animal visit 2015

You can also click on the picture below to find out more information about our visit.animals

7 thoughts on “Year 1 Animal Visit Letter!

  1. I am so exited to see the new pets and I hope they are going to be cute,baby I wish they are not going to spoil our class up and make a mess and if they do we will be all smelly and we would not like to have a nice and smelly class!even they can get scared sometimes when people make noises.

    • Well done Devanshi they can get scared by loud noises! I hope they don’t make our classroom smelly too but I’m sure they will be very well behaved for us. :)

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