Year 1 cake sale

As part of money week Year 1 will be baking caked to sell on Thursday afternoon from 1pm in the Year 1 classrooms.

Fairy cakes will cost 30p each

Cornflake/Rice-crispy cakes will cost 20p each


If your children wishes to purchase a cake then please send money in with them on Thursday 11th September only.

The money raised will be donated to charity. The charity is to be chosen by Year 1 children tomorrow and will be announced on the blog.


Year 1.



20 thoughts on “Year 1 cake sale

  1. The cakes were very nice year one. Hope you had a fun time decorating then.And last but not least can i say a big thank you to year one for spending there time decorating. :)

    (p:S Maria says a big thank you to all of the teachers.)

    they were really yummmmmmmy! :) :) :)

  2. I am really exited about the cake sale tomorrow.i should get my money ready for was fun making cakes today.i know that we will need 20p for c fornflake cakes and 30p for cupcakes.THANKS to miss sargent and mrs carman for having a plan for making cakes and one more thing it was the best day ever.WE HAVE MADE YUMMY CAKES AND SPEICAL CAKES!!!!!


  3. Hi year 1! I am very excited about the cake sale and can’t wait to buy the delicious cakes you are going to present the rest of the year grouos with!


  4. dear year1


    What will you do with your prophet that you mill make??

    But i hope you all have fun..

    Wish you all luck!!


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