Year 1 cake sale – Thanks!

Thank-you! You have helped year 1 raise an astonishing amount of £162.84 that will be donated to a charity called Bethany’s Wish. We are very grateful for your donations!


Year 1

10 thoughts on “Year 1 cake sale – Thanks!

  1. Well done everyone. Year 1 worked very hard to make the yummy cakes. I am glad you enjoyed them. What a lot of money going to a great charity, thanks to all who helped us raise the money.

  2. The cakes were very nice year one. Hope you had a fun time decorating then.And last but not least can i say a big thank you to year one for spending there time decorating. :)

    (p:S Maria says a big thank you to all of the teachers.)

    they were really yummmmmmmy! :) :) :)
    wow a lot of money has been raised

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