Year 1 Celebrate World Book Day

To celebrate World Book Day, Year 1 have been learning about the author Julia Donaldson. We have had such a fantastic day doing so many wonderful activities. Watch the video below to see the lovely things we have done.


What books did we read today?

What is your favourite Julia Donaldson book? Why is it your favourite?

What did you enjoy most about world book day?

13 thoughts on “Year 1 Celebrate World Book Day

  1. World book day

    We read the following books, room on the broom, gruffalo. My favourite Julia donaldson book is gruffalo because it has a lot of rythm words and also gruffalo looks funny in the pictures with big ears, treable jaw, and scare eyes.

    I enjoyed dressing up in the character the julia Donaldson book. I dress up as a knight.

  2. We read Gruffolo’s Child, The Tiddler and the Monkey puzzle,
    My favourite book was The Tiddler because the fish was a bit funny.I enjoyed the most working together as a team and sharing stories.

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