Year 1 Diwali Celebrations

This week year 1 have been learning about different celebrations. As it was Diwali on Thursday, we learnt all about the story of Diwali and how Hindus celebrate it.

On Friday, we were all so lucky because Mrs Patel taught us the special dancing that takes place on Diwali. Watch our video to see!

Who can remember the name of the ‘special sticks’ we were dancing with?

7 thoughts on “Year 1 Diwali Celebrations

  1. What a lovely video, everyone looks so happy and looks like they are having lots of fun! Thank you Mrs Patel for teaching us special Diwali dancing. Hope everyone had a great Diwali!

  2. Wow year 1 I LOVE this video!.. It looks like you all had a fantastic time celebrating Diwali. It was fun to watch all the teachers including Miss Scott joining in on the festivities! :)

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