Year 1 have been learning all about Winston Churchill.

Year 1 have spent the week learning all about Winston Churchill. They developed research skills when finding out information about him. The children also learnt about World War 2 and what happened to the children in the war.


What have you learnt about Winston Churchill?

What happened to children in World War 2?

Why was Winston Churchill famous?

What is rationing?

What ingredients did we use to make the war time ration cookies?

4 thoughts on “Year 1 have been learning all about Winston Churchill.

  1. Winston Churchill was the prime minister he was the leader of the country.
    The children in world war 2 had to leave home and some had dig and find stuff.
    Winston Churchill was famous for his speeches.
    Rationing is people can only have a little bit of food.

  2. Winston Churchill was in world war 2.
    Houses broke down and some people died.
    People only had two eggs a day and had to manage with less food.

  3. 1.Winston Churchill was famous for his speeches. He ws a Prime minister of Britain.
    2.They had to leave their home so that they will be safe.
    3.Winston Churchill was famous for his speeches and his determination.
    4.Rationing is a way that people don’t have to get in the shop and buy food. People can only by a small amount of food.
    5.The ingredients that people use to make ration cookie is margarine, sugar, vanilla, self raising flour, grated carrots, water.

  4. 1:I have learnt that Winston Churchhill was Britains prime minister for most of World War 2.
    2:Thousands of children left home for the first time as evacuees.
    3:Winston Churchill was famous for his speeches,and for his refusal to give in,even when things were going badly.
    4:Rationing is the controlled distribution of scarce resources goods ,or services,or an artificial restriction of demand.
    5:We used grated carrots,sugar,margarine,self raising flour,baking powder and water.

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