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  1. 1 a) is 1 hour
    b) is 1 month
    2 a) is 1 second
    b) is 1 hour.
    3. 1 day 1 week
    4. a) Kim was the fastest.
    b) Ron was the slowest.
    c) Kim was faster than Sam.
    5. Counting to 10 = 12 seconds

  2. English
    I can read all the ‘are’ words.
    Rare- something unusual, not found easily.
    Snare- A trap for birds and mammals.
    Mare- An adult female horse.
    I have sent a video.

    a.1 hour
    b. 1 month

    a.1 second
    b. 1 day

    1 day1 week

    Ron was the fastest.
    Kim was the slowest.
    Ron was faster then Sam.

    counting to 10-6 seconds
    Writing name 3 times- 23 seconds
    Build a tower-32 seconds

  3. English
    I can read all of the words.
    Rare: Not often found or seen. Cooked for a short time.
    Snare: a trap for catching small animals and birds.
    Mare: The female of a horse, donkey, zebra, or related animal.
    OK I will do my news report.

    1a. 1 hour.
    1b. 1 month.
    2a. 1 second.
    2b. 1 day.
    3. 1 day 1 week
    4. Kim was the fastest.
    Ron was the slowest.
    Kim was faster than Sam.
    5. I counted to 10 the fastest.
    1 wrote my name the slowest.
    I could write my name faster than building the tower.
    I wrote my name slower than I counted to 10.
    I will make a bike.

  4. English
    Rare means not really seen that often.
    snare means trap for catching birds or mammals
    Mare is a female donkey.
    Today we will be discussing about Coventry.
    If you did not know that Coventry has a wide range of different museums such as transport museum and more inside you can see different history and see how it started. What makes Coventry a good place is the people around as there is a lot of people who are respectful and caring. Another fact is that there is a cathedral in Coventry which was bombed sadly in 14 November 1940 surprisingly they have built a new one which looks even great.
    Hoped you all enjoyed this news report.

  5. Maths:
    1.tick the longest time in each set.
    A) 1hour is longest in 1 minute and 1 second.
    B) 1month is longest in 1week and 1day.
    2.tick the shortest time in each set.
    A) 1minute and 1 second is 1 hour.
    B) 1 week and 1day is 1month.
    3.write >< or=to compare the time.
    1day 1week
    Three children ran a race.
    Complete the sentences
    A) Kim 53 seconds was the faster.
    B)Sam 60 seconds was the slowest.
    C)Kim was faster than Sam .
    5.use a stopwatch to compare how long each activity takes.
    It took me 3 second to count to ten. It took me 53 seconds to write my name three times.

  6. Rare means when something is hard to find.
    Snare is when you catch and animal.
    Mare is a female adult horse.

    The longest time in the first one is one hour.
    The longest time in the second one is 1 month.
    The shortest time is 1 second.
    The second answer is 1 day.
    Kim was the fastest.
    Ron was the slowest.
    Kim was faster than Sam.
    5. Counting up to 10 takes 10 seconds.
    Writing my name 3 times takes 15 seconds.
    Building a tower of 10 cubes takes 12 seconds.
    Counting to 10 is faster than writing your name 3 times.
    Writing your name three times is slower than building a tower of ten cubes.

  7. Maths:
    1) Longest times:⏰
    a) 1 hour is the longest time.
    b) 1 month is the longest time.
    2) Shortest times:⏰
    a) 1 second is the shortest time.
    b) 1 day is the shortest time.

    1 day< 1 week

  8. English – Warm Up

    I can read all the β€˜are’ sound words.

    Rare means something that is unusual or uncommon for example I found a rare diamond.

    Snare means a trap.

    Mare means a female horse.

    My places to visit report will be emailed shortly.

    Maths – To compare times

    1. Tick the longest time in each set.

    a) 1 hour
    b) 1 month

    2. Tick the shortest time in each set.

    a) 1 second
    b) 1 day

    3. 1 day 1 week

    4. a) Kim was the fastest.
    b) Ron was the slowest.
    c) Kim was faster than Sam.

    5. Counting to 10 = 12 seconds
    Writing your name 3 times = 33 seconds
    Building a tower of 10 cubes = 26 seconds

    I counted my name faster than when I wrote my name.

    Writing my name was the slowest activity.

    Counting to 10 was the fastest activity.

    I built a tower of 10 cubes faster than when I wrote my name.

  9. English
    Rare means unusual or not often found.
    Snare is a trap for catching animals.
    Mare is a female house or donkey.

    Good morning, this is Osas. Today I will be talking about Coventry Transport Museum. Coventry Transport Museum is formerly known as the Museum of British Road Transport. It is a transport museum located in Coventry city centre.

    It houses the largest collection of British-made road transport held in public ownership. It is located in Coventry because the city was previously the center of the British car industry and the birthplace of the bicycle. There are more than 240 cars and commercial vehicles, 100 motorcycles and 200 bicycles.

    The museum sometimes organizes a temporary exhibitions. They display Victorian things such as motor cars, commercial vehicles, cycles and motorcycles from the museums own collections.

    Coventry transport museum is a very fun place to visit.

  10. Maths
    1a)1 hour is longest time.
    b) 1month is longest time.
    2a)1 second is shortest time.
    b)1day is the shortest.
    3a) 1day 1week.
    4a)Kim was the fastest.
    b)Ran was the slowest.
    C)Kim was fastest than Sam.
    5a)Counting to 10 take 1second.
    b)Writing my name take 1minute.
    c)Building a tower of10 cubes.
    -Joshua is fastest to finish test.
    -Timothy is fastest than Joshua on long jump.
    -Ryan is slowest on long jump.

  11. Good morning 🌞🌺
    How can I upload the video? Last time I tried to upload Sara’s role play and it wouldn’t let me as the file size is to big to send through email.
    RARE: It means something that is uncommon.
    SNARE: it means catch or trap.
    MARE: It means a female horse.
    1A) 1 hour
    B) 1 month
    2A) 1second
    B) 1 day
    3) 1 day is 1 week
    I will upload my picture soon.

    • Good morning Sara.
      Would you be able to see if you could compress the video (this will make the file smaller) and then hopefully that will send via email.

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