22 thoughts on “Year 1- Let’s reflect on this half term. 22.05.2020

  1. I would lime to stay at home to do my work at the moment because of the coronavirus, but hopefully we will all go back to school.
    I haven’t found any subjects quiet hard because my mum sits down and helps me. education city was the easiest then English.
    English I found easy because I like traditional tales.
    Maths I found money and timetables easy
    science looking at different objects.
    I am happy what teachers are setting our work for us via blog.

  2. I prefer to study at home because home is safe at the moment my mum and my brother are helping me when I see the English homework is hard.
    I have learnt a lot for example how to write a traditional tales by my self. First I didn’t understand how I write properly it didn’t make sense but I practiced a lot . I learnt that the traditional tales must have the begging, middle and the end. I learned a new adjective. I have enjoyed the must labelling. The advertisements is a little bit hard but my mum and my brother helped me.
    I learnt time tables 2s,5s and 10s divide together .
    I learnt counting money and I know all the coins.
    I have learnt how many the material we have.
    I prefer working at home at the moment because it is safe than school.
    I have found English is hard sometimes.
    I have found easy maths and science when I use Education city and TTRS.
    I would like to do Education city more.
    Thank you all staff and teachers in BH I am proud.

    • A lovely reflection Nma, I am really pleased you have practiced, we have seen you produce such lovely work! You have learnt so much this half term and we are proud of you!

  3. Well done to everyone who has completed the work on the blogs and sent by email. I am so proud of all of you. Stay safe and I hope everyone enjoys the holidays :)

  4. I have liked working at home even though I have missed my teachers and friends. I have enjoyed spending time with my family.

    I have not found anything hard but I do not enjoy writing.

    Science has been the easiest.

    In Maths I have learnt how to share in different ways.

    I have enjoyed the Education City games for Maths and the lady birds.

    I have learnt that traditional tales are stories that have been re told many times.

    I have enjoyed doing captions l.

    In science I have learnt about the different material, what they can be used for.

    I enjoyed doing the experiments.

    I am happy with the way work is set.

    • A lovely reflection Mohammed, I am glad you are enjoying home learning. Keep an eye out for the extra blogs, you may find them a challenge!

  5. I pefer working at home because when I have hard home work my mum can help me . I found that english is the the hardest and maths is the easiest. and I misss my friend .

  6. Hello.
    I would like to do my learning from home eventhough I’ve missed my teachers and friends.

    Writing was too much for me but I’m happy because now my handwriting has improved and I learned how to rewrite stories.

    I enjoyed the most science by studying about different materials and finding them at home also learning how to describe them.

    I’ve learned in English how to rewrite a story and the difference kind of stories like board story. I learned that a story must have beginning, middle and ending.
    I also learned how to describe feeling and physical appearance.

    I’ve learned new adjectives like malicious and mischievous for describing the wolf in LRRH.

    I’ve enjoyed the most labelling( give informations about a product)and caption(short describtion of a picture)but I have found yesterday’s lesson (advertisements)little bit hard but shopping list was easy.


    I liked learning multiplication (mean time ) and division ( mean divide).
    I’ve found money was easy.

    I would like to do more science and math.
    I like how the homework is set and thank you so much for challenges that you put.

    • Amazing reflection of your half term Khadeeja, I am really pleased to see that you continued with your writing and can see an improvement in your writing, we can too! Continue all your amazing hard work, we love to see your super work on the blog.

  7. Hello
    I feel happy because I can play with my brother.
    I like working from home but my mum prefer I go back to school.
    2.I like the story of little red riding hood.
    3.I learnt how to count money.
    4.I learnt about what materials are things made of.
    5.I like learning on education city.
    I want more learning games.

  8. I prefer working at home. I have found a lot of the work hard but my mum helps me a lot with my work. I have enjoyed the tasks on Education city.

    I learnt that traditional tales are stories that everyone knows and there is usually a good person and a wicked person in the story.
    I found the tasks very hard because they were mostly about writing and I dint enjoy writing.
    In maths I have learnt about dividing and sharing. I found the times tables very, very hard on TTRS. But I enjoyed the Maths activities on Education City that were about money.

    I have learnt about things being made of the same material but feeling different. Like Plastic that is bendy and plastic that is hard.
    I have most enjoyed collecting things of different materials.
    I would like to do more of Education City activities and less of TTRS and writing.

    • Well done Ayaan. You have tried so so hard with your home learning I am very proud of your efforts!
      I know you don’t enjoy writing as much but I can see you are making progress with this and you should be happy with your achievements!
      Keep up the super home learning next term and keep swimming in the sea of learning!

  9. I would prefer to stay at home and do work. I found English the hardest and maths the easiest.
    In maths I learnt about doubling and halving numbers. I enjoyed doing this. I found division easy and enjoyed that too. I also know my money now.
    I didn’t enjoy English because it was too hard and too much writing.
    I enjoyed science and learning about different materials and going on a material hunt. I enjoyed doing the experiment too.
    I would like more maths and for it to be harder.

  10. 1. I would like to return to school and do all my learning there. Home Learning was fun to start with but, I miss my teachers and friends at school. I was able to do most of my work, any questions I had I was able to ask my mum or dad.
    2. I have learned what traditional tales are and how to create a storyboard. I enjoyed rewriting the traditional tale so that the Big Bad Wolf was friendly and kind.
    3. I have learnt how to identify money from lowest to highest. I also learned how to divide into equal amounts.
    4. I have learnt how to use scientific language like transparent, absorbent, rigid, and opaque. I enjoyed experimenting with different types of objects.
    5. I would like to do more maths and science.

  11. 1 have fi culricul easy. (Teacher) I have found colouring easy.
    2 lido loci macba Babies (teacher) I like making bracelets with my friends.

    I like stories.

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