Year 1 Literacy Homework

Hi Year 1,

This half term we are learning about Fantasy Settings. Have a look at the different fantasy settings below and complete the challenge for your colour group.

Red Group.


Can you describe this fantasy setting using full sentences?

Orange and Yellow.


Can you write a setting description for this fantasy setting using adjectives and conjunctions?

Blue and Green.


Can you describe this fantasy setting? Think about where this could be? Different characters that might live here? What the places might look like? What you might hear?

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  1. In the scary castle there are lots of spider webs. It is on a big hill.The castle is lots of different colours and the windows are dirty.The door is hanging off.

  2. The emerald city is tall and has pointy sharp spikes at the top.There are lots of green trees and the lovely blue sky.the flowers are very big and have patterns on them.the emerald city is sparkling and glittering in the sun.underneath the trees it is very shady and far away it is sunny.the river has a reflection of the emerald city in it

  3. The emerald city is tall and has pointy sharp spikes at the top.There are lots of green trees and the lovely blue sky.the flowers are very big and have patterns on them.the emerald city is sparkling and glittering in the sun.underneath the trees it is very shady and far away it is sunny.hmm

  4. The first setting has different kind of flowers and rocks.Its an enormous place.The sky looks light blue and the weather is sunny.The place looks quiet and peaceful it has a beautiful atmosphere its just an amazing place to go to.

  5. The high wind and huge buildings are seeing the whole universe.In the distance there are some huge mountains with very light blue sea and dark sand dirt with low grass. You might hear the small birds tweeting as the fly into the morning sky. The sun shimmers it’s light on every building and brightening up the morning clear sky.

    • This place looks like a forest and the people walking into the mysterious place have found a spooky green castle.also this forest is surrounded by long dark trees.this is a huge garden full of lovely green grass.the big blue sky is shining on the castle and garden with its soft clouds.looking at this place it seems like witches live here and are in charge of this haunting wild.

  6. in the corner of this picture it has a gigantic moon in the dark shady place.there was an ancient,golden tower that had ruins of the past which meant it was there for a very long time like 100 years.

    i think this place is on the other side of the mountains and in shadow land. the land of shadows where only mean,horrifying,nasty witches lived that never seemed to get along.the characters that live there aren’t as nice as you think they are.they will humiliate and embarrass you where ever you go and even if your nice to them.

    to me this place looks like a dark land you wouldn’t dare to go near.the sky s smeared with dark grey clouds that covered up the sky so the moon could take over the sun so it can be night forever.

    when you step onside the old ruins tower you can hear the cackling laughs of witches and girls screaming their heads off.this was the past but you can hear the past and be really confused. this is because when you go inside shadow land you can hear and see the past that had happened to this would not lie to go there!

    • The castle is on a big hill it is painted with lots of different colours.There are cobwebs with lots of spiders on them,the windows are dirty and the door is broken.It looks very scary.

    • The castle is on a big hill it is painted with lots of different colours.There are cobwebs with lots of spiders on them,the windows are dirty and the door is broken.It looks very scary.

  7. The castle looks very ancient.The moon looks very gigantic and humongous.The place looks very deserted it looks as if the moon is floating on the blue clouds.Behind the castle are some icey mountains that looks so strange.
    It could be above the sky in an unknown planet near the moon.

    Once there lived a king ,queen and there faithful friend dragon.One day there was a heavy flood and storm that destroyed the whole planet leaving it deserted and scattered .The place looks very scary and rough full of mist.Back of the castle is a huge ,deep blue sea.The place looks uninviting and it looks very quiet but the sounds of the heavy and strong waves and terrifying wind makes the whole place horrifying.
    The unwanted sounds of the snakes movements are sounding unpleasant to ears.And as the day coming to an end the bats from the castle start coming out of castle where they hidden all day to enjoy there freedom and there sounds adds more horror to the environment.

  8. In this fantasy setting the castle looks old. A King and Queen live there. The castle is on top of the sea.I hear some Whales in the sea. The moon looks so light in the background.

  9. This fantasy settings appears to be a derelict castle enchanted by mermaids or spirits from the deep blue see. There apears to be separate Islands in the distance with the moon at close proximity to the sea. The rays of the moon shine and light up the sea creating waves that swishh up and down the islands taking away and eroding these majestic and regal structures.

    There is an eerie silence with whispering voices in the distance. The castle appears well lite with the rays of the moon. You may find lush greenery and small insects. Parts of the castle maybe weak and dangerous to explore.

  10. The forest had tall,long trees,which were green.The yellow path way was coverd in tree shadows.The long tower that was a long distance away was green.The sky was coverd light blue and had big puffy cloud.The flowers,which were beautiful were coverd in nicely blue,red and yellow.

  11. The tower castle is old and rusty. It has creaky floors and it is standing on a bright huge ocean. The moon is white and I can hear waves in the ocean. I think mermaids live there. There are broken pieces of the tower in the ocean. There are sharks with big sharp teeth. There Are Dolphins that squirt water through their holes. The sky is blue and the moon is white.

  12. The mooon was high up in the sky looking at the tower which stood below it.The white fluffy clouds surrounded the the moon.Birds flew by singing and tweeting happily .Far away the sandy , rocky mountains stood straight on the blue sea.The waves crashed by making thunderous sounds.Small fishes swam on the wavy sea. The tower was made out of boulders of rock . On top of the tower there was a spiky , pointy edge which tryed to reach the sky .In the tower there was a witch who a noisy , wild cat.The witch had gloomy eyes , pointy nose and a green mouth . Also she had a scruffy hat.

  13. It has a gigantic moon.In the sky,it is cloudy.It has a big,big castle.The castle is dark orange and yellow.In the castle,there are three bad witches,that kidnap you.
    There is a creepy noise coming from the ground.Its laid on the sea.The boats are travelling through the sea.The water colour is light blue.

  14. The second setting the atmosphere is dull and dark.The green trees are naturous also i can feel the way the wind is roaring at me the clouds are white and smoky, however the buildings looks really old and rusty they have tall pointy buildings too. The place looks quiet and peaceful.

  15. The moon is ginormous and the castle looks very old and fragmented. The waves have a shallow deep sound. There is not only one island near the streams there are also other islands near the castle. The sky looks as if it is going to blow down the moon to the stream. The mountains from the distance look very odd and stripy.

    I think this could be in an enchanted and cagey island that is not located together and it has magnificent places that people would enjoy a lot and lot. I also think that the people who live here do not have places to eat and sleep, EVEN places to play in the gardens. Only the castle had a beautiful and stunning garden but now it does not because it is all broken into little pieces.

    An evil and nasty witch could live here with her very own family and the people would be destroyed by them and they could also be very ashamed by themselves There grandparents might also live there but on a different island. .Princess might live there and the prince might have beaten up the super not good villain’s .The king and Queen might live in the castle.

    The places might look odd but beautiful even green. The sky is blue and it has funky kind of clouds near the castle. The moon is huge and it is very close to the castle and therefore it looks like that this place is a fantasy world with so many islands. On each island there are some silly flowers to show that this is a fantasy story and the moon looks like a sphere.

    I could hear some birds singing in the fresh air and some animals on the island like lions roaring through the entire island. I could also hear the growling noise of the witches, putting spells on people. I hear that the children are making noise and fuss about playing games in the island.

  16. In the fantasy setting it looks a bit scary.I can hear in the fantasy setting sssswwisshh sssswwisshh from the water.In the fantasy setting there are fishes.

  17. This fantasy setting looks like a very old tower which is broken.We can see little broken towers.This looks like a place near some kind of planet which looks blue like earth.Some insects like mosquitoes, ants and other varieties of flies might be living there. You might hear sounds of animals such as bats,owls,rats and insects.Before it was this might be a place with tall buildings, people and animals.

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