Year 1 Literacy Homework

Hi Year 1.

Please look below for the story to support your homework this weekend.

Red Group

Watch the video of Jack and the Beanstalk below and answer the following questions:


  1. How was mum feeling at the beginning of the story?
  2. What did Jack see at the top of the Beanstalk?
  3. What did Jack take from the giant?
  4. What happened at the end of the story?

Orange and Yellow Group

Watch the story of Little Red Riding Hood and answer the questions below:



  1. Where was Little Red Riding Hood going at the beginning of the story?
  2. What did she take to Grandma’s?
  3. What did she say to Grandma when she was in bed?
  4. Who was pretending to be Grandma?
  5. What happened at the end of the story?


Blue and Green Group

Watch the story Little Red Riding Hood below. Can you write your own Little Red Riding Hood story and change one of the characters to make it different? You could change the Wolf to a Dinosaur, or the Wood Cutter to a Teacher.


7 thoughts on “Year 1 Literacy Homework

  1. Once upon a time there was a girl called Little Red Riding Hood.Her mum told her to go and see her grandma.Her grandma was poorly.Her mum told her to take some cake for her grandma.Her mum told her not to speak to any strangers on the way to her grandmas house.On the way she saw a fox.Where are you going with those yummy yummy cakes?said the fox.I am going to my grandmas house said Little Red Riding Hood.I know the short way to your grandmas house said the fox.The little girl followed the fox all the way where he goes.The fox tricked her and took her to a strangers house.Her grandma was looking out of the window and she shouted.The fox hid.Then little Red Riding Hood ran quickly to her grandma and Little Red Riding Hood promised her grandma not to talk to strangers ever again.

  2. Once upon a time there was a boy who was called jack.jack and his mother was poor that they wouldn’t afford anything.Jack’s mother told him to sell the cow.When jack and the cow was walking suddenly a old man disappeared a front of them.The old man said replace the cow with this magical bean.There was a BIG PROBLEM which was jack kept on stealing things from the giant monster.

  3. One day, there was a six year old boy named Trevor. He was on a camping trip with his father. They had set up the tents and they had made the scrumptious food. But there was something missing, they still needed a fire. “Uh Trevor, I believe we have no wood for the fire, could you go to fetch some please?” his father politely asked.
    “Of course, I will go straight away” replied Trevor. His father stopped him before he can go any further and warned him not to go through the ‘Cave of Doom’.
    “Big dangers await people there, so be careful, don’t even think about it”. Trevor nodded and continued through the big, scary, thick woods, afraid of what might be lurking in his path.

    As he passed through the woods and the huge wooden trees, a baby fox appeared out of now where. Trevor was wondering about where this little fox came from. So he decided that a little adventure wouldn’t hurt anybody. He followed the little creature through many trees and ended up at a cave. He didn’t realize that it was non other than the cave of doom.

    the creature soon disappeared into a small crack in the cave wall, as if it was afraid. “Oh no, it can’t be is it the cave of doom? oh it must be” Trevor sighed, worried of the scary things his Father had told him in the afternoon.
    he looked around and found a filthy man, who had ripped, dirty, clothes. Trevor asked for the way out and the man said” Go left then you will find the exit”. Trevor walked left but then stopped and turned. The moon was full, the man had turned into a werewolf and started to chase Trevor down the cave.
    “Ahhhhhhhh, help please help” Trevor screamed. He ran for his life, scared to look back. Soon he arrived back at camp and told his Father to kill the wolf. His father slayed the wolf faster than a click. Trevor could now carry on camping.

  4. Once upon a time there lived a beautiful girl named Elsa, one day her mother gave her some cup cakes to give to the grandma, but at the same time also warned her that she should not talk to the strangers on the way to the grandma’s house, specially to the mean witch who casts spell on little girls so that they could serve her as her maid in her creepy castle. Elsa set off for grandma’s house and saw many beautiful flowers, birds on the way also she met her class teacher Mrs Sargent.When Elsa was picking some flowers for her grandma the evil witch saw her and was jealous of her beauty , she wanted to cast spell on her but Mrs Sargent was not far from Elsa so she couldn’t do anything that time, but unfortunately she heard them both talking and knew Elsa is going to meet grandma. She went to grandma’s house and with her evil powers locked her in a big box waiting for Elsa disguised as grandma. But Mrs Sargent was kind enough to escort Elsa to grandma’s house as it was getting darker, when she knocked the door the meany witch thought it was little Elsa alone she opened the door in her true self but Mrs Sargent was brave enough to fight her and locked her in the same box in which grandma was locked, tied her hands and legs with rope and also put big stones in the box ! they then threw it in the river flowing near by , because of the weight of stones the box drowned in the river and the evil witch was gone for ever :) By this not only Elsa was saved but all other little girls who were captured by the witch were set free and everyone lived happily ever after :)

  5. Once upon a time there was a little girl called Rake. Her mum told her to take some cakes to her grandma. Rakes mum said do not speak to any strangers in the dark forest. Rake started walking through the forest and next the little girl saw a big wolf. The wolf turned around licking his lips he had a plan. The wolf followed the little girl to her grandmas house. The wolf ate grandma and then sat in grandmas bed. When Rake came to grandmas house she kept on saying you look very different. Then the wolf ate the little girl up but the hunter saved the little girl. He cut the wolf up and got the little girl out and also saved grandma. He then put rocks in the wolfs tummy and stiched his tummy up.

  6. Once upon a time there was a boy called zoom he lived with his father.Then his father said to zoom to take some sweets to his 10 uncles.Then his father told Zoom to be careful because there was a animal called T-Rex.The T-rex is lurking near by.
    Then his father said be careful.Then zoom promised to his father never talk to that stranger.Then he went into the jungle and kept on going.then said I will not be scared.Then I front of Zoom there was T-Rex T-Rex was so huge.t-Rex said where are you going.Then zoom said to my uncles house.Then T-Rex had a big thought and then he looked back.Then t-Rex said to zoom I now where your uncles house is.Then T-Rex secretly went to zoom’s uncles house.Then kept on going.Then T-Rex reached at zooms uncles house.Then T-Rex ate them all of them.Then zoom got to his uncles house.Then he saw T-Rex in his uncles bed.Then T-Rex woke up. Then saw zoom.Then T-Rex ate him up.Then there was a wood cutter near by.Then in zoom’s uncles house there was a noise help!Then the wood cutter went into the uncles house and saw there was a T-Rex inside the bed.Then the wood cutter got his sword a chopped the T-rex’s belly of.Then came out of T-Rex’s belly the uncles came out and zoom came out.then promised never to talk to a stranger ever again.

  7. There was once a little cute girl. Her real name was Heather, but she was often called Little Golden-Hood, because she had little hood on her cloak which had the colour gold. This little hood was given her by her grandmother, who was so old, as the good old woman was thought to be a witch. One day the mother said to the child, “Let us see, my Little Golden-Hood, if you know now how to find your way by yourself. You shall take this good piece of cake to your grandmother for a Sunday treat tomorrow. You will ask her how she is, and come back at once, without stopping to chatter on the way with people you don’t know. Do you quite understand?” “I quite understand, “said Heather and off she went with the cake. But the grandmother lived in another village, and there was a big wood to cross before getting there. At a turn of the road under the trees, suddenly, “Who goes there?” “Friend wolf.” He had seen the child start alone, and the villain was waiting to kill her. So the little girl stops to talk with the wolf. “You know me, then!” She said. “What is your name?” “My name is friend wolf. And where are you going thus, my pretty one, with your little basket on your arm?” “I am going to my grandmother, to take her a good piece of cake for her Sunday treat tomorrow.” “And where does she live, your grandmother?” “She lives at the other side of the wood, in the first house in the village, near the windmill, you know.” “Ah! Yes! I know now,” said the wolf. “Well, that’s just where I’m going; I shall get there before you, no doubt, with your little bits of legs, and I’ll tell her you’re coming to see her; then she’ll wait for you.” Thereupon the wolf cuts across the wood and in five minutes arrive at the grandmother’s house. He knocks at the door: toc, toc. No answer. He knocks louder. Nobody. Then he stands up on end, puts his two paws on the latch and the door opens. Not a soul in the house. The old woman had risen early to sell herbs in the town, and she had gone off in such haste that she had left her bed unmade, with her great nightcap on the pillow. “Good!” said the wolf to him, “I know what I’ll do.” He shuts the door, pulls on the grandmother’s nightcap down to his eyes, and then he lies down all his length in the bed and draws the curtains. Knock, knock. “Who is there?” says the wolf, softening his rough voice as best he can. “It’s me, Granny, your Little Golden-Hood. I’m bringing you a big piece of cake for your Sunday treat tomorrow.” “Press your finger on the latch, then push and the door opens.” “Why, you’ve got a cold, Granny,” said she, coming in. The good child undresses, but observe this! She kept her little hood upon her head. When she saw what a figure her Granny cut in bed, the poor little thing was much surprised. “Oh!” cries she, “how like you are to friend wolf, Grandmother!” “That’s for crunching little children with!” And the wolf opened his jaws wide to swallow Heather. But she put down her head crying, “Mamma! Mamma!” and the wolf only caught her little hood. He was crying and shaking his jaw as if he had swallowed red-hot coals. It was the little gold hood that had burnt his tongue right down his throat. The little hood, you see, was one of those magic caps that they used to have in bed and trying to find the door, howling and howling as if all the dogs in the country were at his heels.
    Just at this moment the grandmother arrives, returning from the town with her long sack empty on her shoulder. Is he now that is caught, swallowed like a letter in the post? For the brave old dame shuts her sack “Ah, scoundrel! You thought you would crunch my little grandchild! “.”Well,” she said to her, “without my little hood where would you be now, darling?” And, to restore heart and legs to the child, she made her eat a good piece of her cake, and drink a good drink of wine, after which she took her by the hand and led her back to the house. And then, who was it who scolded her when she knew all that had happened? It was the mother.But Heather promised over and over again that she would never more stop to listen to a wolf, so that at last the mother forgave her.

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