Year 1

Bronze – Gather 5 objects in your house and place them in height order from smallest to biggest. Write about what you have found.

Silver – Use a ruler to measure objects in your house. Extension: What is the difference​ between the tallest and shortest object in your house?

Gold – Use weighing scales to weigh objects in your house. Which objects weighs the most? Which object weighs the least? What is the difference?

Platinum – What is capacity? Can you use a range of different containers at home to explore capacity? Are some containers better than others to hold different liquids? Can you write down an example?

Don’t forget to use the correct units in your answer.

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  1. Bronze
    1-iPhone hight 12cm 1/2
    2-Tv romote 21cm 1/2
    3-Tissue box 26cm
    4-Trousers 61cm
    5-Baby changing mat 66cm

    My big brother is tall and I am short.
    There is a difference because my brother ran faster as he got older.
    I am shorter than my old and big brother and I am young and I am slower than him.

    Platinum:flour 1.5kg
    Corn flakes box 500ge
    Sugar packet 1kg
    Tea box 464ge

  2. Bronze
    yogurt 18cm
    book 20cm
    mother’s shoes 27cm
    My little brother’s homework book 32cm
    Flour 1.25 kg
    Peanut Cookies 300g
    Blend 1500ml

  3. pen and pillow and case and writing book and colouring case .
    pen – 13cm
    pillow -32cm
    case – 14cm
    writing book – 30cm
    colouring case – 22cm

  4. Maths challenge


    1) capacity is how much liquid can be stored in a container.
    2) I have found different containers that can store liquid. Each can store different amount. I have listed them below.

    Jug – 750 ml
    Cup – 75 ml
    Lunch box – 500 ml
    Water bottle – 2 litres
    Can of pop – 250 ml
    Tomato ketchup – 800 ml
    Beans tin – 400 grams
    Custard tin – 410 grams

    3) the bottle of water holds the most liquid than the cup. This is because the waterbottle is big and large. While the cup is small and narrow.

    4) here is an example taken from what I found at home. Waterbottle holds 2 litres, while the can of pop is 250 ml. This shows which is large and which is small.

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