Year 1 Maths Challenge


Farmer Joe has a beautiful farm in the country with 4 cows, 7 chickens, 5 sheep and 4 horses, but he has a problem! He now has 12 more cows and his farm is not big enough!

He has heard that the children in year 1 have been doing some super shape work recently and has asked for your help!

Farmer Joe wants a farm like the one below and needs to buy the right turf to give his animals the most room!


He has the choice out of the following…

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 11.37.01

Which shape turf will tessellate and help Farmer Joe’s farm look like the one in the picture?

Mr Stevenson thinks the Farmer Joe needs the star shaped turf.
Mr Harwood thinks Farmer Joe should choose the circle shaped turf.
Mrs Raja-Khan thinks Farmer Joe needs the square turf.

Who is correct?
What do you think? Why?
What other shapes may help Farmer Joe? Why?
Which would not help Farmer Joe? Why?
Do you know any other shapes that tessellate?

Have a go at drawing a farm on the piece of paper using the shapes to see which one would help Farmer Joe and bring it in school so we can help him.

17 thoughts on “Year 1 Maths Challenge

  1. Wow! I am pleased to see how many children have had a go at the Maths challenge, it’s excellent. Do you know any other shapes that can tessellate?

  2. Mrs Raja khan is correct because square can fill the farm of Mr Farmer Joe without any gaps.

    Rectangle and triangle can fill Farmer Joe’s farm.

    Circle, star and pentagon could not fill farmer Joe’s farm because they have gaps.

  3. mrs raja khan is correct. because the square tessellate onto the shape of the farm.
    two triangles makes a square so it will help the farmer joe.
    the star and the circle and the pentagon will not tessellate so will not help farmer joe.
    rectangle will tessellate.

  4. I think Mrs. Raja Khan is right because square turf will help farmer Joe.
    Pentagon and triangle shape turf will help farmer Joe if two right angled triangle are join it becomes a square.
    Star and circle shape turf will not help farmer Joe because they are not tessellate.
    Hexagon and octagon are tessellate.

  5. Try drawing the shapes on a piece of paper to see if your thoughts are correct. You could bring them into school and we could share them with the rest of 1S?

  6. I think Mrs Rajakhan is right because you can not tessellate a circle or star but you can tessellate a square. You can also use a triangle because a triangle can tessellate. except for the square, triangle and pentagon the rest you can not tessellate or use on the farm. The shapes that tessellate are usually regular polygons and their combinations. Triangles, squares and hexagons are the only regular shapes which tessellate by themselves.
    Ismail Ali 1S;D

  7. I think Mrs.Raja Khan is correct.Because square can tessellate and star and circle cannot tessellate.As when you join two stars with other there will be a gap in between them as same as in circle also.
    A right angled triangle may help Farmer Joe as when two right angled triangle are join it becomes a square.
    All others will not help Farmer Joe because all other shapes cannot tessellate as they will overlap with each other or they will be a gap in between them.
    The shapes that tessellate are triangle and hexagon.

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