16 thoughts on “Year 1 Money and Number Week

  1. Well done Year 1. I was very impressed with your counting skills and finding the right coins to pay for the items in your pencil cases!
    Keep looking at prices of items when you go shopping and tell your grown ups which items cost more or how much it would cost to buy 2 of them!
    Happy shopping!

  2. I was saprisd when the pirate came to the stage. The pirate asked us, “what shape is the telescope”? I gave the right answer. The telescope shape was a cylinder.

    We played a shopping game and we used real money. I enjoyed buying the pencil case.

  3. I enjoyed money and number week because I bought a frozen pencil case.It has 2 pencils,a sharpener, a ruler,a rubber and a notepad.I also liked the pirate because he had a nice name, which was Captain Morgan.

  4. I enjoyed doing the treasure hunt and we were so lucky to have got the special visitor in school the pirate . Thanks to Mrs Frankish for giving us the opportunity to use real money and letting us keep our pencil cases .

  5. I enjoyed playing with the lego, painting and buying delicious biscuits from the Diner.

    I enjoyed lego because I could build a car, I enjoyed painting because i could paint any design.

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