Year 1 Music

When we return from Half term, Hindu and Sikh friends will be celebrating Diwali.

Tap along to the Heartbeat/Pulse of the music.

Try to keep a STEADY BEAT in time with the music,

Diwali is a festival of lights and bright colours.

This is a call and answer song. Remember to sing firmly and clearly. Please do not shout.

It is hard to sing in TUNE when we are singing too LOUDLY.

We are learning this song because it is a call and response song. Please sing back the response firmly and clearly. Try not to shout.

Listen to beautiful Indian Classical music. You will hear 3 instruments:

Sitar, Mridangam Drum ( two ends are playable), and Ghatam – a clay jug, especially made for music.

Many of the audience are tapping along to the music. Would you like to join in?

Notice the long (game) and short (Mine and Craft) sounds.

An Ostinato is a pattern that repeats.

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