Year 1 Reading Challenge!

Hi Year 1,
Please find your Reading challenge for Autumn 1 below. You only need to complete 1…
If you are in Red and Orange Group please complete the ‘Emerging’ challenge.
If you are in Yellow and Blue Group please complete the ‘Expected’ challenge.
If you are in Green Group please complete the ‘Exceeding’ challenge.
Parents – we do expect all children in Year 1 to have a go at the challenge! There will be an overall winner who will be selected before the half term holidays. Have fun!
Watch the story ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’ and complete your challenge below!
<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>
Emerging – Can you write a list to tell your teacher all the places where the family have to move through before reaching the bears cave?
Expected – Can you write a description of where the bear lives using adjectives? Remember adjectives are describing words.
Exceeding – How do you think the characters feel at the beginning, middle and end of the story?

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19 thoughts on “Year 1 Reading Challenge!

    In the beginning the charceters felt happy and excited because they were going to catch a bear and it was a beautiful day.😀
    In the middle they felt terrified and scared because of the storm.🙁
    In the end they felt suprised when they saw the bear and tired from the running adventure.😲

  2. Exceeding: At the beginning the characters felt brave and strong.At the middle they felt worried and nervous.At the end they felt scared and frightened.

  3. At the beginning they felt happy excited.

    At the middle they were wet and dirty and felt tired.

    At the end they were scared and ran home.

    I liked the story.

  4. At the beginning the characters felt excited and they weren’t
    Scared.At the middle they felt nervous.
    At the end they felt very scary because they saw big bear.

  5. Emerging Group

    We”re Going on a Bear Hunt.

    Long wavy grass.
    Deep cold river.
    Thick oozy mud.
    A big dark forest.
    A swirling whirling.
    A narrow gloomy cave.

    We”re not going on a Bear Hurt again.

  6. At the begining they weren’t scared and they felt excited when they were going.
    In the middle they felt really nervous and uncomfortable because they had to walk through it not over it not under it.
    At the end they were frightened and scared a lot because they saw a bear that was angry and they had to walk all way back because the bear was chasing them.

  7. When they started the bear hunt they felt big and strong but when they went through the river, forest ,mud and snow storm they were not so brave but when they saw the bear in the cave they were frightened

  8. The characters were excited at the beginning of the bear hunt, Towards the middle they were cold and wet, towards the end they were very scared.

  9. Reading challenge

    Emerging group

    Here is a list of where the family begin the bear hunt.

    House, road, grass, hill,river, mud, forest, snowstorm and gloomy cave.

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