Year 1 Reading Challenge


This is the Gruffalo!What’s a gruffalo?

Can you describe the Gruffalo?
Can you tell me how he feels when the mouse says that he is not the scariest thing in the wood?
Why do you think the Gruffalo ran away at the end?
Do you think the mouse really likes to eat Gruffalo crumble?
What makes the mouse scary?

23 thoughts on “Year 1 Reading Challenge

  1. It is a animal,it has sharp nail.he has a long tail, it has brown fur. Brave. the grufflo
    ran away because the mouse sed that he liked grufflo grumble. No.nothing.

  2. A Grufflo is a big, scary monster.
    He has prickly, purple spikes on his back.
    The Grufflo finds it funny because he thinks the mouse is joking but then he’s a bit confused because he thought he was the scariest animal in the wood.
    He was scared because the mouse said “I like scrambled Grufflo!” and then the Grufflo got scared and ran away.
    No because he was only joking to scare the Grufflo.
    All the other animals were scared of him.

  3. A Gruffalo is a monster. He is big and brown. He is hairy, has a wart on his nose and prickles on his back.
    The Gruffalo is shocked by what the mouse said and thinks it is funny.
    He ran away because he was scared.
    I don’t think the mouse likes gruffalo crumble, he said it so the Gruffalo wouldn’t eat him.
    The Gruffalo walking with him makes the mouse scary.

  4. The Gruffalo looks scary, very fury and huge. When the mouse said the gruffalo is not scary at all, the gruffalo was shocked and happy. I think the gruffalo ran away in the end because every one was chasing after him, so he thought to escape. I don’t think the mouse really likes to eat cruffalo crumble he was lieing. The mouse was not scared of anything in the woods.

  5. The gruffalo ran away at the end of the story because the mouse took the gruffalo back through the woods and when the animals saw the mouse with the gruffalo they ran away really they were all scared of the gruffalo. The mouse was clever and he tricked all the animals when they wanted to eat the mouse for lunch. In the end the mouse tricked the gruffalo. The gruffalo really thought the mouse was the scariest creature in the wood because the animals ran away when they saw him with the mouse. I really enjoy reading the gruffalo.

  6. The Gruffalo is very fury.He is very soft.The Gruffalo is very scary.The Gruffalo has sharp claws.He has orange eyes.He has a green wart.I don’t think the Mouse liked the Gruffalo crumble.

  7. The gruffalo is very fury and he is very soft.He has orange eyes.His fur is brown.He has a green wart at the end of his nose.He has sharp claws.I don’t think the mouse really liked gruffalo crumble.I think the gruffalo ran away at the end because the mouse said that he liked gruffalo crumble.

  8. I think the Gruffalo ran away at the end because he thinks that mouse is the scary
    creature in the woods.
    The Gruffalo has orange eyes.
    The Gruffalo has purple pricklys all over his back.
    The Gruffalo has toes stiking out.
    The Gruffalo has smelly teeth like smelly chees.
    The Gruffalo has sharp nails like a nife.
    The Gruffalo has a nose and the colour is blue.

  9. He has terrible tusks, and terrible claws, and terrible teeth in his terrible jaws,his eyes are orange his tonge is black he has purple prickles all over his back.he hss knobbly knees, and turned out toes, and a poisonous wart at the end of his nose

  10. A Gruffalo is a story for children.

    A Gruffalo has sharp theeth on his side of his mouth and he has two sharp theeth.A Gruffalo’s full body is brown.A Gruffalo looks like half grizzly bear and half buffalo.

    When the mouse says that he is the scary animal in the wood the Gruffalo cannot believe it. He was laughing so much. The mouse told to Gruffalo follow me behind. when the mouse come to all the animals they were scared at Gruffalo but the mouse was pretending that the animals were scared at him.The mouse told to Gruffalo that he was hungry and wanted to eat him. So Gruffalo was afraid and he ran away fast as he can.

  11. The gruffalo got a spike back with orange eyes and a long tail with sharp teeth with sharp nails and two horns on his head.He got a big tommy and a big arms and a head as well and big brown hairs on his bottom and leg with some. The bottom of his leg it look like a rock with spots but it not look like a rock.

  12. When the mouse said the gruffalo was not the scariest in the woods he was angry and shooked.The gruffalo ran away because the mouse said his favourite food is gruffalo crumble.No the mouse was only joking he does not like gruffalo crumble.The gruffalo makes the mouse scary.

  13. A gruffalo is scary.
    The gruffalo has a big body,purple prickles all over his back ,sharp nails,big orange eyes,a horn and a green spot on his nose.
    The gruffalo would feel unhappy because he’s being said as not scary.
    This is because the mouse who was in shock said he wanted to eat gruffalo crumble.
    No,because the mouse’s favourite food is cheese.
    The gruffalo was scared by the mouse and the wood animals got really scared of the mouse. The mouse said he eats various gruffalo foods.

  14. A gruffalo is a monster.
    The gruffalo is brown in colour with scary orange eyes and has purple prickles on it.I think gruffalo is shocked .
    He ran away at the end because mouse said that he wants to eat gruffalo crumble.
    The mouse does not likes to eat gruffalo crumble but he was just joking.
    The gruffalo made him scared.

  15. The gruffalo has orange eyes a short tail and purple piclrs all over his back.
    I think that the gruffalo feels angry.
    I think that the gruffalo ran away because the mouse said that he likes to eat gruffalo crumble.
    I don’t think that the mous realy likes to eat gruffalo crumble.
    The gruffalo makes the mouse scary.

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