15 thoughts on “Year 1 Reading Challenge

  1. Bronze: The princess is feeling cross, irritated, disappointed, angry, embarrassed, and terrified at the thought of kissing the frog.

    Silver: The princess feels kissing the very slimy frog would be disgusting and she doesn’t think Mr Wolf makes very nice soup. She is feeling very annoyed.

    Gold: I think the royal cat will kiss the frog because he wants some soup. I think the Princess will be annoyed that the cat will get the soup and she won’t. I think she will be sorry she was so horrible about the frog and horrible to Mr Wolf. I think they will all live happily after and they will all get to eat soup in the end.

  2. Bronze: Adjectives are describing words. The princess is feeling blue, angry, annoyed, frustrated and miserable.

    Silver: The princess did not want to kiss the frog because it was slimy. This made her feel very sad and annoyed.

    Gold: The royal cat will jump to kiss the frog but the frog will run away.

  3. Bronze: The princess is feeling angry, unhappy, sad, miserable and cross.
    Silver : The princess did not kiss the frog because she did not want to get slimy and dirty her face.
    Gold : The royal cat jumps to kiss the frog but then he decides to be greedy and wants to eat the slimy, dirty green frog which makes him sick.

  4. The princess is feeling and she is disgusted also fedup.The princess is also feeling sick and tired.She feels like she is going to womet. that will discusting and horrible and it is terrifiying.
    Ajectivs are describing words so that means the princess is feeling cross and very cross also dissappointed aswell she can be ennoyed.

  5. Bronze: Adjectives are describing words, so the Princess is feeling cross, and angry and frustrated and disapointed and Sad.
    Silver: The Princess is feeling sad and angry.
    The Princess is disappointed and annoyed.
    Gold: The Royal Cat is showing off and telling the Wolf that she is a Royal Egyptian Cat.
    I think the Princess will listen to the Royal Cat.

  6. Bronze-angry,not interested,upset,annoyed,very cross and sad.

    Silver-The Princess was angry with Mr Wolf.

    Gold-The royal cat is joking with Mr Wolf that she can kiss the Frog better but normally cats eat frogs.

  7. Bronze:
    angry, upset, disappointed, annoyed ,cross.

    The princess is feeling angry and upset. The princess is also feeling annoyed and disappointed.

  8. Bronze:angry,terrified,puzzled,disappointed,sad,lonely,unhappy,awful,red,blushed.
    Silver:The princess is feeling puzzled and disappointed.The princess is feeling unhappy and angry.
    Gold:The royal cat will kiss the frog and will get turnip stew for the princess.

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