Year 1 Reading Challenge

Watch the video:

Bronze – What animals does the book tell us about?

Silver – Can you write 4 facts that you have learnt from the video?

What is the difference between fiction and non-fiction texts?

Gold –  Can you find your own facts about an animal you like? Use the internet or non-fiction books to help.

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  1. bronze
    The video tells us about chameleons, jaguars, pandas, lynx,lions, polar bear, koalas and meerkats.
    lions are at the top of the food chain and can sleep without being disturbed for up to 20 hours. Chameleons sleep for 12 hours a day. Desert fox have special ears that help them hear even whilst they sleep so they can tell if there is any danger. Polar bears sleep for months which is a long time and in the summer in the artic it never goes dark.
    Fiction can mean a story or something made up like fairies.
    Non fiction are real facts or books on real things.
    Elephants are the largest land mammals. People kill them for their tusks which are like teeth they are made of ivory, that makes me sad. Elephants live in hot countries like Africa and India.

  2. 1. A Lynx has tuffs of fur on it’s ears
    2. It has big paws to stalk it’s prey in the snow
    3. lions can sleep up to 20 hours because they don’t have to worry about other animals hurting them.They can do this because they are at the top of the food chain.
    4.Jaguars sleep all day and stay up in the night. This means that they are nocturnal animals.

  3. Bronze
    polar bear
    koala bear
    desert fox


    lions – they can sleep upto 20hrs
    jaguar – is a nocturnal animal. sleeps in the day and hunts in the night
    polar bear – its nevar dark in summer
    desert fox – also a nocturnal animal. sleeps in the day and awake at night

    Fiction is using your imagination to tell a story.

    Non fiction is a a true story sometjing which has happened.

  4. bronze
    .Desert fox
    .Polar bear
    .Koala bear

    1.A lynx hunts at night and sleeps during the day.
    2.desert foxes can hear you when they are asleep.
    3.A koala bear sleeps for 16 hours a day.
    4.pandas take long naps on warm rocks.

    Non-fiction text tells us true facts.
    Fiction text tells us story tales.

    My favorite animal is a dolphin.
    Dolphins are mammals.
    They can swim up to 260 meters below the surface of the ocean and can stay up to 15 minutes underwater but cannot breath under the water.Dolphins live in groups called pods.

  5. Bronze :It was telling about nocturnal animals that don’t sleep in the night.
    Silver :
    1) Meerkats do not share there burrows.
    2) Chameleons sleep 12 hours a day.
    3) Desert fox has huge ears to hear danger.
    4) Polar bears live but they don’t have day and night.
    This is non-fiction text.

    Gold : Dinosaurs walk with their legs held straight underneath their body this helps them to walk or run better than other reptiles like lizards.
    Most Dinosaurs have scaly skins but some have feathers like birds.

  6. OWLS:
    A owl is a noctunol animal and looks for food in the night.
    Owls sleep in the day.Owls eat mice.there are around 200 different owl species.
    Most owls eat insects.owls are dangerous creatures.owls have claws so they
    Can grab stuff.A group of owls are called a “parliament”.some owl species hunt
    Fish.Barn owls are reconused by their heart shaped face.

    By humzah

  7. silver

    1. lion sleep 20 hours
    2.pandas are very good at sleeping
    3.polar bear live tey dont have day and night like we do in the arctic the sun doest shine all winter.

  8. gold:

    1.The average cat sleeps 16-18 hours per day.
    2. Calico cats are almost always female.
    3. A male cat is called a Tom and a female cat is called a Queen.
    4.An adult cat has 30 adult teeth.
    5.Cats can run up to 30 miles per hour.

  9. Also, I have learnt a few new words including prey and habitat. This prey doesn’t mean a prayer, it means when you hunt and kill for food. Habitat is another word for home.

  10. Bronze- It told us about lions, pandas, desert foxes, polar bears, jaguars, chameleons, lynx and koala bears

    Silver- I have learnt that jaguars are nocturnal so other animals can’t see them and lions sleep for 20 hours a day if they want to and chameleons sleep for 12 hours each day and koala bears sleep for 16 hours
    The difference between fiction and non-fiction texts are that non-fiction texts are based on facts but fiction texts are made up for example, Goldilocks and the three bears.

    Gold- I have chosen to research about penguins. I found out that penguins waddle instead of walking like us. Penguins live on ice and in cold places such as Antarctica. One thing I found out that I didn’t know before is that penguins can swim in water. Finally, penguins eat fish and squid.

    • 1)That desert foxes sleep all day and wake up at night and hunt for food.
      2)That lions sleep anywhere because it doesnt have to worry about anyother animal coming after it and because the lion is the stongest of all.
      3)That chamelon plays and hunts for food on the ground then at night they curl up into a ball and go sleep.
      4)polar bears where they live they dont have any night or day.

  11. Bronze the book was telling all about lynx lions, Chameleons, Desert Fox, Polar Bear, Jaguar, Koala Bear, Panda, and Meerkats.

    The four facts I learnt from the video were:
    1. A Chameleon sleeps 12 hours a day.
    2. A Lynx has big paws that help it stalk its prey in the snow.
    3. Desert foxes are nocturnal.
    4. Desert foxes have special ears that help them detect danger even when they are asleep.

    The animals I like are Badgers. They are nocturnal. They are part of the Weasel family.Badgers are good at digging, climbing and swimming. They have a strong bite. Badgers are the largest meat eating animals in the UK.

  12. Bronze
    The book tells us about lynx,lion,chameleon,desert fox,polar bear,jaguar,koala bear,meerkat and panda.
    Lions don’t need to worry about other animals trying hurt them,they can sleep all day up to 20 hours if they feel.
    A chameleon will sleep for about 12 hours each day.
    Desert foxes are nocturnal,which means they stay awake all night long ,hunting and playing outside while it’s not so hot ,and sleep during the day.
    Hunting all night is tough work,and a lynx will cuddle up in a tree ,or in a small cave during until night time.
    Fiction is not true and fiction is true.Non-fiction involves real things,real people,real events,real places and real writing.However,fiction is just imaginary things,imaginary people,imaginary events,imaginary places and imaginary writing.
    Penguins are aquatic birds highly adapted to life in the water.Penguins are found almost exclusively in the Southern Hemisphere ,where they catch their food under water and raise their young on land.They can spend up to 75% of their lives in the water.Penguins are social birds.Many species feed,swim and nest in groups.

  13. Gold challenge:
    my animal is a Tiger.
    Tigers are the largest members of the cat family and are known for their power and strength.The tiger can kill animals over twice its size.Like its ancestor, the sabre-tooth cat, the tiger relies heavily on its powerful teeth for survival. If it loses its canines (tearing teeth) through injury or old age, it can no longer kill and is likely to starve to death.

    By Maria…………..

  14. Gold
    Cheetah is the fastest land animal. It lives in forests in Africa and Asia.It has long legs, small heads and many black spots on its thin body. Cheetah eats gazelles and calves. Cheetahs belong to cats family and they are very strong and wild animals.

  15. Silver
    1.Lions can sleep all day up to 20 hours.
    2.Chameleons can sleep for 12 hours each day.
    3.Desert foxes are nocturnal, they stay awake all night long.
    4. Polar bears take long naps in the snow.
    The difference between fiction and non-fiction:
    Fiction texts are about unreal things like ghosts, aliens, trolls.
    Non-fiction texts are about real things like animals,plants, people, nature, facts.

  16. Bronze: The books tells us about
    Desert Foxa
    Polar Bears
    Koala Bear

    Silver: The facts I have learnt from the video are:-
    1)Tufts – hunting all night and cuddles up in a tree during the day and sleep until night time.

    2) Polar Bears – will take long naps

    3) Desert Fox – has special ears that help him hear signs of danger.

    4) Pandas – sleeping helps the Panda to digest all of the bamboo that he eats all day long.

    Gold: My animal I am writing about is Tiger
    Tigers are powerful and fast over short distance.

    Tigers are the largest members of the cat family and renowned for their power and strength.

  17. Bronze: The book tells us about:
    Polar bears
    Silver. The facts I have learnt from the video are:
    1) the polar bears sleep for a long time
    2)The Jaguar sleeps all day
    3)Meerkats often share their dens with other animals
    4)Sleeping helps the panda digest the bamboos it eats during the day.

    Gold My animal I am writing about is Snakes.
    Some snakes are poisonous.
    Snakes have scaly skin.
    Snakes belong to the reptile group.
    They can live on land or sea.

  18. Gold- Can you find your own facts about an animal you like? Use the internet or non-fiction books to help.

    My animal is a spider.Spiders, have eight legs.Their habitat is a web.the reason is , to capture their prey which is flies and insects.

  19. Gold
    Cheetah is fastest land animal.
    It has black spots everywhere.
    Cheetah has a small head.
    Cheetah Is 120 km/h or 70 to 75 miles/hour

  20. Silver
    Jaguar says good night because it is a nocturnal animal.
    Lion sleeps for 20 hours.
    Polar bear don’t have day and night and sleeps for 6 months because there is no sun in the winter.
    Meerkats like to stay near each other.

  21. The book told us about lynxs,Panas,Lions,Chameleons,Desert Foxes,Polar bears,Jaguars,Koalas and they told us meerkats stay with each others

  22. Bronze silver
    Tiger jaguar says good night because it is a nocturnal animl
    Lion lion sleeps for 20 hours
    Chameleons polar bear don’t have day and night
    Desert fox desert fox play outside and hunts
    Polar bear gold
    Jaguar cheetah
    Koala bear cheetah is the fastest animal in the world
    Pandas cheetah takes 30 miles

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