Year 1 Reading Challenge

First of all Mr Stevenson, Miss Addie and Miss Sargent would like to say well done to all of you for your fantastic progress in Phonics.

Year 1 Phonics screening test is not too long away and so your reading challenge is going to help us get ready for it!

Bronze – Write 10 four letter alien words

Silver – Write 15 alien words that must include a digraph

Gold – Write 10 alien words that must include  trigraph or ‘tion’/’cious

Remember that you can complete these challenges on paper and bring them into school.

3 thoughts on “Year 1 Reading Challenge

  1. Gold

    Real allien

    Location cation

    Fraction raction

    Fiction lition

    Caution kation

    Tradition ladition

    Station tation

    Injection ajction

    Celebration kebration

    Operation repration

    Attention nettion

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