25 thoughts on “Year 1 Reading Challenge

  1. Bronze
    They went to the grass.
    Next they went to the river.
    They went to the mud.
    They went to the forest.
    next they went to the wurling storm.
    fienley they recht the cave.

  2. THE BEA HUNT FIRST the famly went on a bea hunt they went past the gras next they went past the cold riva next they went PAST THE MUD THEN they went past the snowstorm last they got at the cayv.

  3. At the begging of the story the crickets felt happy.In the midul wen they were going throw the forest they felt a little worried. At the end they was terrified.

  4. watching the video again I show that I missed the cave. I have added it to the list.
    They went through:
    1)the grass
    5)snow storm
    to get home.

  5. Bronze
    First the family went through long grass.
    Secondly the family went through deep cold river.
    Thirdly the family went through thick mud.
    Forthly the went through dark forest.
    Fifth the went through snow storm.
    and the last the reach the bear cave.

  6. Bronze the people first went through the big, wavy grass. They then went through the long, wet river. Next, they went to the tall, big trees. Then, they went through the big, cold blizzard. After, the went through the thick, oozy mud. Finally, they went through the dark, gloomy cave.

  7. Bronze
    They were all happy that they were going on the bear hunt at the start. They went through a lot of stuff to find a bear but at end when they found a bear they got scared and ran home

  8. Gold-at the beginning of the story the people feel scared. In the middle they feel little bit scared. Near the end they are nervous. But everything is then okay.

  9. Gold
    We are going on the bear hunt .
    Long wavey grass .
    A cold river .
    A mud is dirty .
    A big dark forest .
    A snow storm .
    narrow groomy cave .
    The bear make their scared .
    Their were not going to the bear hunt again
    Bear live in narrow groomy cave .
    The cave were very dark .
    grass river forest snow storm cave .
    We’re going to the mouse hunt .
    I’m happy when I get there .
    The mouse is grey .
    The mouse is small .
    Mouse has white and black eyes .
    The mouse has grey tail and tummy。
    I am not scared the mouse .

  10. Bonze:
    They went through the grass by swishing
    they went through the river by splashing
    they went through the mud by squelching
    they went through the woods by stumbling and tripping
    they went through a snow storm by hoo’ing
    they went through a cave by tiptoeing

    dark , frightening , scary, big, narrow

    in the begining they felt happy and not scared because they said “were not scared” which means they didnt know the bear was going to be so scary.
    In the end they felt very scared because they ran back and closed the doors then hid under the covers.

  11. Gold.
    The people went through… grass/water/mud/a forest/snowstorm and cave.
    The big,scary bear lived in a dark,black cave.The cave had sharp rocks everywhere and it was round.At the top it was brown.
    The people did not feel scared at the begining of the story.Near the middle they felt a little bit scared because they were getting closer.Near the end of the story the people felt frightened because of the grizzly bear.
    I can see a hole for a mouse. I can feel a mouse in a house.
    I think the Bear can eat him and i think the mouse can not.The mouse is not scary the Bear is.

  12. GOLD

    At the begging of the story the caricters felt happy.
    In the midul wen they were going throw the forest they felt a littl wurred.
    At the end they was terrified.

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