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25 thoughts on “Year 1 – Story Time – Wednesday 25th March.

  1. my favorite books are
    the magic paint brush
    the tunnel
    the bear and the piano
    into the forest
    what if
    voices in the park

    little beauty
    the scarecrows wedding
    the ugly 5
    super worm
    on the way home
    my favourite authors are
    Anthony browne and Julia donasldson

  2. I like the hungry caterpillar my mum read that me when I was a baby..but I still like him he is a fatty and eats so much.and I will catch a caterpillar in a pot and feed him till he turns to a butterfly .this is called metamorphosis I will share pictutes when I find one

  3. I really enjoy all the story and I will watch them again and again.
    Can you please read a story about astronauts because my little brother Noah loves it.
    Thank youuuuuu😍😍😍

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