Year 1: Summer 2 Maths challenge

This half term, we have been learning lots of wonderful new concepts in Maths! Please see the challenges below based upon what we learnt! Comment your answers below.

Bronze challenge: Explain how you know.

Silver Challenge: Think about your tens and ones knowledge.

Gold Challenge: Telling the time to the half hour.

Good luck year 1, you will do amazing!

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  1. Bronze #
    The answer is false because its not 5 and 4 but its 4 and three.
    Yes Kya is correct.39 is less than 42 because 42 is bigger number.39 has 3 tens and 9 digits and 42 has 4 tens and 2 digits.
    B is odd one out because A is half past 12 and E is half past 3 but B is half past 4.