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Year 1 Treat!

As a very special treat, Year 1 will be going to the CINEMA tomorrow morning (Wednesday 15th November)! What a great surprise!

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We are going to see a brilliant film called Moana. Here is the trailer…
You will love it!!

You may bring a drink and a packet of sweets in a carrier bag if you wish.

We will be leaving school at 9:00 so make sure you are on time! We will be back in school by lunch time ready for lunch!

Please wear your normal school uniform.

You will NOT need any money.

See you tomorrow!

7 thoughts on “Year 1 Treat!

  1. Lucky 1 blue 1 white 1red evryone had a great time at the
    cinema. Evry day after school i n on my laptop.When im
    poorly i still watch Moana

  2. lucky you year 1 red,white and blue year2 wachen that too BUT your going to walk there with partnes AND its going to take so long in town!

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