Parents we have had a notification of a positive Lateral Flow Test (LFT) in Year 1. This means that all children will have to self-isolate until the PCR results are confirmed.  Please look at website for online learning and further updates. PLEASE do NOT phone in- any questions you may have, please phone after 10 am when it is less busy and we will answer questions or send them online and we will answer them. Thank you.

Parents in 2R and 2W- school is open but if you want to take your children for a test to reassure yourselves please do so and let the office know your child will NOT be in. School is open for these children.

Reception we are OPEN as usual. We have risked assessed and because you have a very different timetable we believe it is safe to open as is Nursery.

17 thoughts on “Year 1 UPDATE

  1. Monday it was Yr 5, yesterday Yr 2 and now Yr 1. Should just close the school at this rate. What will happen to sports day now??? Havin was excited and I’ve only now been told, also I meant to have appointment with havins teacher tomorrow about her work. Will this still happen after the 10 days are done ??

    • Meetings will be rearranged by the class teacher. We are following all the advice that we are given and will post any updates on here.

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