15 thoughts on “Year 1 Visit The Past!

  1. I love going to the trip called Black Coventry liveing Musem .
    Because there was lots of old things I like going to Black Coventry Musem we sit on the cloech to get there on 1 mint I have been Mrs Penavega ‘s group we do
    4 each group Miss Addie said ” we sit back at cloech and we all back at Broad Heath . The End.

    • I liked the track and the train. I learnt about the darkest night some lady and the gentleman needed a toilet they went down stairs to get the pot. the pot went splish splosh when they were going upstairs after they took it back down stairs then went back sleep.

  2. I’m really pleased you all had a good day at the Black Country Museum. There were so many intresing places to see, I couldn’t choose one. What was the name of the fuel that the Victorians used to us to keep them warm?

  3. I really enjoyed the trip. I have enjoyed seeing how our past generation live there life, how the use the toilet, dressing , how they use to wash their clothes etc.
    I also have enjoyed seeing the horse .

  4. I’m glad you all had a fantastic time! So did I. I thought everyone on the trip were so well behaved and so polite! WELL DONE YEAR 1. I’m looking forward to our next outing!

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