Year 1R Well-Being Day

What a great day! The children have loved taking part in today’s activities and even shared a few thoughts…
“I love well-being day.” “Today is the best day ever!”
What did you love doing today? Share a comment below.

Creating Picasso inspired portraits using natural items in the forest area and going on a ‘Go Find It’ hunt!

This morning, with Miss Smith, the children began with a gymnastics session. They focused on balancing and rolling. The children gained many new skills and lots even mastered forward rolls and bridges. What talented children you are!

With Mrs Raja-Khan and Mrs Patel, the children thought about what they are grateful for and learned some basic yoga poses. They focused on balance and having a positive mindset. They also listened to some calming music to help us produce some mindfulness artwork. They decorated a leaf using a cotton bud and paint in autumnal colours.

This afternoon, the children complimented someone from the class. They picked a random name and shared their thoughts on the chosen child.

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