Year 2 04.06.20 Entrepreneur Week – MAKE IT!

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Read through your plans again and make sure that they match the ‘design criteria’.

*All products MUST have a rainbow theme
*All products MUST be made by children (with a little help from their family members)
*All products MUST be attractive and colour

Listen to Callum below, making a sales pitch for his new hamster houses.

Tomorrow, you will be asked to make a short video of your sales pitch. Use the format below make notes to help you and have a practise.

Useful words that you might need

bright, durable, child friendly, useful, colourful, handy, healthy, environmentally friendly, fun, great, waterproof, flexible, unique.

Along the journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur, you might come across many money and mathematical problems. Let’s have a go at solving some! Log onto Education City go to homework and play ‘Where she sell sea shells’. Don’t forget to record your score. Good luck!

82 thoughts on “Year 2 04.06.20 Entrepreneur Week – MAKE IT!

  1. I made my rainbow decoration and my sister took a picture and sent it to the email.
    Challenge 1:
    The materials I am going to use are:
    – cardboard = I used it for the rainbow and the clouds.
    – coloured paper = I used it for the stripes under the clouds.
    – pva glue = I used it to stick the clouds onto the rainbow.
    – sequins = I used it to decorate the rainbow.

    Challenge 2:
    Product name: Rainbow
    I have made a rainbow decoration.
    My product is special because it is nice.
    I am making it to sell to children. They will be interested because it is magnificent.
    Price: £2
    I decided to make it because it looked beautiful. I think this item will be popular because it will make people happy.

    Challenge 3:
    I did she sells seashells on education city and got 100%.

    • Well done for going back & completing yesterday’s blog work Aran.
      Can you give us some more details about your pot please…..
      What materials did you use?
      How did you use them?
      Did you cut them? Flatten them? Scrunch them? Stick them?
      Have you done your plan for today’s (05.06.20) sale’s pitch?
      A good try on EduCity- do you think you could go back in to improve your score?

  2. Challenge 1
    I am going to make a rainbow star hair clip
    Challenge 2
    My product is a pair of rainbow sandals because it would be nice to have colourful shoes.
    It would be better than plain shoes for kids in summer
    Challenge 3
    I am going to do my work on Educational City.

    • Hi Zeyd, I love how you have thought about your product. I think young children would love to have rainbow sandals whilst playing on the beach during their summer holidays.
      What materials would you use to make them?
      How much would you sell them for?
      What profit will you make?
      Did you practice your sales pitch?
      What score did you get on Education City?

    • Brilliant scores Tipian!!
      What rainbow things did you make?
      Can you give us more details…
      How did you make it?
      What materials did you use?
      Your work will be uploaded on 2B gallery soon.
      Did you practice your sales pitch?

    • Great scores Tana, well done.
      What materials did you use to create your rainbow? How did you make it? Did you have to bend it, scrunch it, glue it?
      We will look out for it & put it into the 2Red Gallery.

    I am going to use colourful paper, tissue box, scissor, glue, colours and sticky tape.
    I am using colourful paper and tissue box because it is easy to bend, cut and stick.
    I can not ruffle and scrunch them.
    Yes I can lie them flat and smooth.
    Yes I need to join some of materials with glue and sticky tape.
    I’ve made my rainbow glasses and I already send pics.
    Product name is rainbow glasses.
    It is very special because I am using rainbow theme. It is colourful, attractive and it looks cool.
    I am making it to sell to kids because kids are more interesting in colourful glasses.
    I am going to sell it for £2. My cost is £1 and my profit is £1.
    I decided to make it because it is bright and child friendly. Children’s love to wear bright and colourful glasses. It looks funny and cool.
    Questions that could be asked:
    What is the price of glasses?
    Why does it looks funny?
    Because I use a star shape and it looks funny on eyes.
    Why will childrens buy it?
    Because it is colourful and unique.
    I done my task on Education City. My score was 100%.

  4. I used card, paper, cellotape, PVA glue, scissors, felt tip and crayons.
    Challenge 2: My product is called Alien eyed rainbow glasses. It is special because you can take funky and funny photos with it. It is for children because it is bright and colourful for them to look funky. It is £1. I decided to make it because it is different and there is nothig like that at the shops. It would be popular because it looks funny and funky .
    Questions and answers that could be asked:
    Why does it look funky? Because it is bright and colourful.
    Why will children buy it? It is unique and fun to take photos with.
    Is it environmentally friendly? Yes because it is made from paper and card and it can be recycled.

  5. Challenge 1

    I am going to use card, scissors, glue and things to make a rainbow.

    Challenge 2

    I am gonna make my sales pitch so I’m ready for tomorrow.

    Challenge 3

    I got 95% on education city

  6. Name: Lucky pot
    I have made a pot that comes with soild and a packet of mystery seeds. Each packet of seeds has different variets so you never know what your goign to grow. You plant it in a rainbow pot and look after it.
    My item is special because you will never know what you will grow in the magic pot.
    I am making it for children because we like suprises and it also shows how fun gardening can be.
    The pot alone would cost 99p and the entire set that comes with the soil and seeds will cost £1.99.
    I though this will be be popular because it can be intresting and it gives you something to look forward to in summer.
    They might ask me why i am selling them in two different ways.

    • Hi Markuss. I think this is a great idea. It adds a bit of mystery to your product. Well done. Have you thought about how you are going to persuade others to buy it?

  7. Challenge 1

    I am going to use a flower pot,paint brushes and paint because it needs to be colourful.I do not need to join any of my materials.

    Challenge 3

    I got 100% on education city

  8. Challenge 1 materials paper,curlers,sizes pencil and glue.First draw a star on the paper then cut it out after cut three strips of paper finally color it and do it again.
    My score was 55.

    • Super Ahmed. I can see you have thought about how you are going to create your product. I would love to see a photo of it once you have completed it. Please send one to the y2 upload if you can. A good try at Education City. Have another go and see if you can improve your score. Well done!

  9. Name of my product is
    Super fun rainbow badge.

    What is the product ?
    My product is a Rainbow badge.

    What makes my product special?
    It’s special because you can wear with anything and it will brighten up your day and anybody else who can see it too, they’re colourful to put a smile on your face, and each badge has a reminders of the corona rules.

    Who would buy your product?
    My badges are for everyone adults and kids, because everyone needs to smile and be cheerful.

    I think my item will sell for £1.50 each I think it is a fare price, because I know each badge didn’t cost lots to make.

    The idea I came up with came from my favourite jacket that doesn’t fit my any more it had lots of different colourful badges on it, it alway made me happy wearing lots of badges so I wanted to make some for other people.

  10. The materials I will use
    Metal clips

    I will use them for sticking things together.
    To make a colourful design for badges and to cut out the shape of each badge.

    Yes will need to join the safety pins to the badge, I think first I will try tape, if that doesn’t work my mum will help use the glue gun.

    My mum will send photo of our badges.

    • Wow Maryam. I can see you have thought about this. I’m sure it will be fantastic. I can’t wait to see your photo!

      Don’t forget to practise your sales pitch for tomorrow – a sort of advert to persuade us to invest in your product.

    • Wow Tyson. What materials did you use? Will you send a photo please as I would love to see it? Have you completed your Education City task? What was your score?

  11. Colour,cut and stick
    By using tape
    Lying flat and smooth
    Not to bend
    I need cardboard
    Paper 📝
    Colouring pen
    2.don’t know what a sale pitch is
    3.did it

      • No problem Hudayifah. Take a look at the video. Your sales pitch is how you would persuade me to buy your product. If I was thinking I might give you some money to help you make it, what would you say to me to persuade me that I would be doing the right thing?

        If I was making a sales pitch for a rainbow coloured cup that I had made, I would say something like below.

        Please look at this cup. It is plastic so it doesn’t break, colourful , cheap and easy to make. People will love it. It will be the next craze. A must have for all children! Do you see my famous logo in the corner? That will help my cup to sell because everyone just loves this logo. It is nearly as famous as Nike! We make 50p profit on each cup. I know that will persuade you to invest. Just think if we sell 100 cups, we will have £50 all to ourselves to buy what we want.

    • Hello Aarav. Super work. Remind me, what are you making? Please send a photo it to our upload. Can’t wait to hear your sales pitch!

  12. challege 1 – I used
    rainbow colour paper
    white paper
    I cut them , stick them and it`s flat.
    challege 2- my mum will send the pictures.
    challenge 3 I scored 100%

  13. Challenge 1
    The material I will be using is paper, felt tip pens and a tooth pick.
    The equipment I will be using is scissors
    I would sell my spinner for £3.99 each.
    Challenge 2
    Challenge 3
    I scored 95%

    • Thank you Hanfaa. I am so impressed at your design that is well thought out. I love your finished product which is displayed on the gallery. It is unique – what does this mean?

  14. I am going to use paint because gold paint is like gold.
    Iam going to cut them , stick them, color them, make it 3D.
    I am going to join them by tape and glue.

  15. What materials are you going to use?
    Loom bands and 1 clip.
    How are you going to use them?
    I will used them to loop them into each other with my fingers and attach the two ends together with the clip.
    Do you need to join some of the materials? How are you going to do this?
    I will join the materials with my fingers. First I’m going to place 1 loom band into my index finger and middle finger and then carry on until it is the size of my wrist.

  16. Materials:
    1- Waxed knotting braided nylon black string.
    2- Rubber black necklace strap cord string.
    3- Colorful loose round letters.

    Because those materials are ( Rainbow color), waterproof, durable, environmentally friendly ( made of plastic which can be recycled), flexible and useful.
    For making a Bracelet:
    First, we cut 6 black nylon strings and braided them together.
    second,flat the letters smooth on the ground to make ( name, word..).
    Third, insert the letters inside the braided string and then make a knot at the end, so the letters won’t get out.
    For making a Necklace:
    First,bring the black rubber strap then remove the small metal at the end.
    Second, shape the letters to make a word or a name.
    Third,put the letters inside the rubber necklace.
    finally,fasten the metal piece at the end so the letters will not fall out.
    I scored 95% on Education city.

  17. Sales pitch:
    I am selling “appreciation t shirt”.
    I have made a white t shirt with a rainbow on it to support the NHS during the covid 19 pandemic. I made this product to inspire everybody who is working hard during these times. The t shirt has rainbow colours which will make everyone happy who might be feeling a b it sad and they can see how happy we are to have them working to help others.
    I want to make this t shirt in all sizes from babies to adults. this way I can sell more to make more profit.
    I will be selling my t shirt for £7.
    I made this product because it will look nice and the rainbow is trending a lot at the moment so it would be really popular.

    I could be asked, why are you charging £7, why is your t shirt better then the all others on the market.

  18. Challenge 1: Materials needed; plain white t shirt, felt tips or paint, pencil. The t shirts are already stitched so I did not have to do any cutting or gluing. I used a pencil to draw the rainbow stencil on my t shirt to make sure the rainbow looks equal. I used felt tip pens to colour my t shirt instead of paint. I think the felt tip pends looked different.
    I made the t shirt and already sent the picture.
    Challenge: my mum will send the work on email.
    Challenge 3: completed 100%

    • Well done Awais, I have seen your t-shirt. You are right the felt tip pens make your design look unique.
      Thank mum for sending your work, we’ll keep our eyes pealed.
      Great EduCity scores!👍🏻

    • What materials will you be using to make your rainbow sparkle fan, Eman?
      Have fun making it- make sure to send a picture to Y2upload.
      Make sure you complete challenges 2&3
      I look forward to seeing your sales pitch tomorrow…. I think you will make an amazing Entrepreneur!

    • Make sure to complete all of the challenges please Inayha and send pictures to Y2upload if possible.
      Please let us know how you get on with Education City.

    • Brilliant Najma, I’m sure your final product is going to be fantastic!
      Can you send your pictures to Y2upload once you have done.
      Remember to prepare and practice your sales speech for tomorrow and complete the Education City challenge please.
      Let us know how you get on.

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