Year 2 1960s America Day

Hi Year 2!

On Thursday 2nd April we will be having a 1960s America day! This is part of our Historical Character project week based on Martin Luther King. We hope that the children will gain a better understanding of the similarities and differences between then and now and also be able to describe more of the characteristic features of the period which Martin Luther King helped to shape.


We would like the children to come to school dressed in 1960s clothing. Have a look at these pictures for ideas! People in the 60s wore really bright clothes, often tie dye.

2790 Teddy Boy Red Sml images (1)far-out-mens-hippie-vest imagesimages (2) images (4)download (1) images (3) download (2) Beatles


We think it will be lots of fun and we will learn lots!!

28 thoughts on “Year 2 1960s America Day

  1. Escuse me Sorry year1 ,year3 ,year4,year5 and year6 SorryNursery and reception you can’t leave a coment on year 2’s one because it is only 1960s America day for year 2 and no one else Just year 2 I am really Sorry everyone else it is just 1960s America day for year 2 and that is it
    Sorry please don’t be sad or upset

  2. Thanks ,miss smith your the best! Your so kind and your generous and most of all your beautiful. I am definitely going to love 9060s Americas day

  3. Thank you miss smith you are so great .I think evry body will like this. Thank you miss smith you are very kind.I am gunner were some jeens

  4. Are all of the teachers going
    to dress up in those lovely
    clothes.I might change it to
    baggy trousers and i will
    find a beautiful top and
    i will my red high hills
    and they are sparkly.

  5. Thank you Miss Smith and the teachers for that idea
    i hope all of year 2 like it.I will see if i have any
    of those clothes if not i will buy some.I am going
    to wear some red high hills because I know how
    to walk Inside them .I might wear the 2nd one
    because it looks very beautiful and i am going
    to wear my red high hills.

  6. I hope this will be a nice opportunity to learn in project week it will be fun dressing up and many lots of things.Martin Luther King was a great boxer, he won lots of medals.Also there is a movie about him.If you like to search and you want to find more facts go to Google and type Martin Luther King early life or his Biography.

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