Year 2 – African Diary Entry

Hi Year 2,

As you know, this week we are learning about Tanzania, an east African country.

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Firstly, watch the video called ‘Zahra’.


Can you write a diary entry, pretending that you are the girl living in Africa?

Top Tips!

Begin with ‘Dear Diary…’.

Remember to use the first person.

Talk about feelings – use words like: tired, exhausted, worn out, determined, drained, sleepy, annoyed, hopeless

Include adjectives like: dry, hot, boiling, scorching, arid, bare, thirsty, dusty, sweltering, tropical, warm, heavy, empty, crisp, crunchy, creaky, rusty

Use a range of punctuation . , ! ?

Begin sentences with capital letters.

Here are some other key words to help you:  desert, water, tree, land, pump, jug, leaves, ground, branches

62 thoughts on “Year 2 – African Diary Entry

  1. Dear Diary,
    It was a too sunny day, and I wanted a shade. I remembered my tree, I went to see it. It was little and I saw some leaves falling down. I wanted to help the tree so I went to get water. I poured the water in the sand near the tree but I saw, the tree didn’t grow and I went to get more water. I did it 3 times, I was getting dirty and exhausted. When there was no water I fell near the tree and a drop of sweat fall from my forehead. When I slept my tree was growing and gave me a shade, Flowers and bushes grew near the tree.

  2. then water was heavy she was swate and she went sleep then then she put water in the gug then she was swate and tied then she went sleep then colour flower outside the came every where because it was sun out

  3. Dear Diary , when I saw the tree the leaves were falling down,I wanted to grow a tree so I could get some shade but there was no water to be found even in the rusty pump.I was exhausted so I decided to have a rest.My sweat dripped onto the floor and when I woke up there was shade covering me. There was a big tree which was grown by my sweat.

  4. Dear diary.It was extremely boiling today because it is not raining one single bit.The ground was that hot that the plants are dying 😆.I can not do this so then I went to the water pump with my bucket to fill it with cool water for the plants but then on the way l collapsed .

  5. Dear diary
    It was extremely hot today and I went to the waterfall to get some water for the plants to grow.The ground is extremely hot and dry I’m very sweaty. The sun is so shiny it’s in my eyes I tried to find a bit or a lot of shade I am so tired I am still sweating when I first started to sweat it was 3:00 then the second time I was sweating was 4:00 I was sweating for 1 hour and I’m still sweating but it is 4:15 I’m still tired.

  6. My name is Zara. It is really hot because it hasn’t rained in weeks ” the ground is so dry that the plants were dying”. I tried to plant a tree to get shade I took so much water and it still didn’t grow. I took a last jug of water but only a little bit came out I accidentally dropped the jug and I went to the tree and I didn’t think I was going to make it but I was there under the tree I fell and went to sleep but eventually in the morning The tree was there.

  7. Dear diary
    Today it is a hot day because it never rained and I never had water for years.
    If only the plants grows so I can have shade.
    So I had to get water from the tap.
    It was a hard job to do.
    Hours and hours I was exhausted.
    I losed my strength to get more water but I thought I would give up but I did.
    So I collapsed on the rocky floor

  8. Dear diary
    The tree never grew so I decided to go to the tap to get some water for the tree. I tried and tried and tried but it never grew. I tried 1 more time but there was no more water there was just a drop of water. For ages and ages I searched for the tree I finally managed it I came to the tree but I was to tired and fell down on the ground then suddenly the tree started to go pink.

  9. Dear dirry
    I coud not do this it has not rained for about weeks so I went to the water pump so I can claim fresh 💦 water
    so the trees will grow so I can have some shade . I fort I would die. I was so worried but sudently I fell asleep a lot.

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