Year 2 Around the World – Diary Entry

Hi Year 2,

As you know, this week we are learning about Tanzania.

Firstly, watch the video called ‘Zahra’.


Can you write a diary entry, pretending that you are the girl living in Africa?

Remember to use the first person and talk about feelings.

53 thoughts on “Year 2 Around the World – Diary Entry

  1. Dear Diary
    Today it have been boiling and I need to cover and I dont know what to do.
    I’m trying to make my tree grow but it’s very hard job to do.
    I have to go to the pump and come back go to to the tree again and again 10 times. Then some swet came and I fainted until the tree grew at last.
    And it made me happy at last.
    From Ahmad and Zabit.

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