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Year 2 Around the World – Diary Entry

Hi Year 2,

As you know, this week we are learning about Tanzania.

Firstly, watch the video called ‘Zahra’.



Can you write a diary entry, pretending that you are the girl living in Africa?

Remember to use the first person and talk about feelings.

53 responses to “Year 2 Around the World – Diary Entry”

  1. Ahmad Amanzadeh

    Dear Diary
    Today it have been boiling and I need to cover and I dont know what to do.
    I’m trying to make my tree grow but it’s very hard job to do.
    I have to go to the pump and come back go to to the tree again and again 10 times. Then some swet came and I fainted until the tree grew at last.
    And it made me happy at last.
    From Ahmad and Zabit.

  2. Yuanxuan Huang

    Dear Diary Today it is very Boling because the sun was out all day and hot.

  3. Aisha Chawdhury

    Dear diary
    At Africa it was very hot. I was thinking about my tree I could not stand why it would it not grow at all I need it to grow because I need shade.I had a hard day also a horrible day.i had to pump water a lot but when I was to hot I faned. At the end the tree grow.it so hard work and it was to hot.I could do it all.

    From sariyyah and Aisha

  4. Aimee-Rose Grover

    Dear diary
    It is scuching hot day
    I can’t woks en longer

  5. Hani Shakeel

    Dear diary
    I have been collected lot of water and growing the leaf

  6. Sahkib Uddin

    Dya dayi dat woz a naz

  7. Humair Umar

    Dear. Diary
    I had a bad day because I Had to pump a old rusty. Old pumper
    I will be thirsty drinck

  8. Rohit Sahily

    Dear Dariy
    My name is Zahra i want a died tree to grow so i decided that i should get some water

  9. Hangatu Aman

    Dear diary
    I was getting water because I want to help the trees. I feel sad because the tree isn’t growing. It is hot and sunny. I want some food . I Was sleepny

  10. Ahmed Mustafa

    Dear diary all day I had to water under the tree when there was littlebit water I was so tired that I had to do this but when I was sleeping the tree growed.

  11. Joshan Joydon

    Dear diary one sunny day I was getting water out of the
    Pump i was watering the tree then I was exhaustive then i
    faited i was sleeping on a tree then it grown

  12. Osman Osman

    It had gud

  13. Ryan Chiwade

    Deer diary
    I had a sad day because no one helped me and I saw a tree wich didn’t grow and it was sad then I got tired and I went to sleep then the tree got me shad and I was happy and the water was not working to well it was to sunny and I was very angry and I was sweaty.

  14. Osman Osman

    African was fun

  15. Osman Osman

    Dear diary
    I have been collecting water from the well all day. I was hot

  16. Abdur-Rahim Mehmood

    Dear diary

    Today it has been a very hot day in Africa I spent all time to grow the tree it was so hard but I kept careying on but then I quit.

  17. Murran Masterson

    Dear Diary,
    Today has been a very hot day and tiring.I was exhausted.

  18. Zaynab Bibi

    Dear Diary,
    Today has been a really hot day. The trees won’t simply growing so I went to the water pump and got some water so I can grow trees. I tried several times but it still didn’t work.Each time I done it I got dizzied and dizzier also my eyes got blurry and my legs were gonna fall over.and I fall and fated on the grass also I fall and one tear doped down my face..Everone in Africa needed a shade because it is so hot hot hot hot day.Sudenely the tree turened into a pink and flower tree.
    From Zaynabbibi and Maya

  19. Eesa Bashir

    Dear diary
    It was so hot so I had to get some water.i walker for miles and miles.i got a big bucket of warter.
    By Eesa and Mohammed

  20. Martyna Pawlewicz

    Dear diary
    Today is to bowling hot.
    I am trying to save the tree.I am getting tired.I am runing back every time to the water pump.I pumpt and pumpt all the time. My eyes got blurie and I fell.I fell asleep under the tree .

  21. Malaikah Hussain

    Dear diary
    Today i was really hot and thirsty I had to pull a water pumper and it was really hard . It made water out of it. It was made out of metal and I can’t pull it’s not easy as I want it to be. I had to carry a gar of water from the water pumper.

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