Year 2 Baby Archie

Yesterday Year 2 had a very special visitor in our Science lesson.

Meet baby Archie!


We had the chance to ask his grandma lots of questions about babies. We asked very sensible questions like:

*What and when do babies eat?

*When do babies sleep and how long for?

*How do you keep a baby nice and clean?

*What does teething mean?

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Can you explain what we learnt about babies?

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  1. 1).What and when do babies eat?
    Babies eat soup,milk,baby food,porridge and water.
    Babies eat when they cry and when they are hungry.

    2).When do babies sleep and how long for?
    They sleep when they are tired.
    Babies sleep for most of the day.

    3).How do you keep a baby nice and clean?
    Put the babies nappy on when its done a wee or poo.
    Babies also have a shower/bath.

    4).What does teething mean?
    When babies have little teeth.

    5).Can you explain what we learned about babies?
    Babies sometimes have dirty faces because they eat with the wrong hand.Babies cant walk they can only crawl because they have a little body.Babies have small teeth and they have less teeth because they have not all grown yet.

  2. I think baby Archie is funny and always has a smile on his face. Baby Archie drinks milk to make him grow and keep him strong.
    I think Archie will grow up to be a lovely little boy.
    Baby is very cute. xx

  3. 4. Teething mean babies teeth are growing
    1.babies eat solid food like porridge,milk,water and when there teeth grow they eat soiled food.

  4. A baby needs to eat milk when a baby is hungry
    A baby sleeps for 2-4 hours and 2-3 hours most of the time baby Archie and most of the babies sleep at night
    Baby Archie needs to be clean because he would need a bath when he is dirty and smelly
    Teething means that when babies start to grow there teeth

  5. They eat at any time and eat soft food
    Most of the day like 4-5 hours
    By putting in a baby bath
    It means when teeth start to grow

  6. Baby’s drink milk.
    Baby’s sleep at aftanoon and night.They sleep when they have time.
    There mum cleans them.
    Teething means when the baby’s teath grow.

  7. 1. babies eat sometimes and they drink milk every 2 to 3 hours.
    2. Babies sleep most times 2 to 4 hours.
    3. To keep a baby clean you give them a bath.
    4. Teething means your teeth grow.

  8. Babies drink and the eat at night and day time
    Babies sleep for like 4 hours
    To keep a baby clean you put them in a baby bath
    Teething means when ther teeth are coming through

  9. Babies wake up at night for there bottle of some milk.
    In the day time the like to have 4 hours sleep with there milk
    When they cry you need to now why

  10. They eat every 2-3 hours they drink milk.
    They sleep 2-4 hours.
    By having baths 2-3 times a week they use soft towels .
    Teething means starting to grow teeth.

  11. Baby’s learn to talk by people saying the words and the baby copying the words.Baby’s need to drink milk two or three times a day.,

  12. When do babies sleep and how long do they’e sleep for ?

    Baby’s sleep in the day ,afternoon ,evening and night.

    They sleep for 2and a half a 4hour.

  13. Baby’s learn by using toys like we learn by going to school.babys eat mushed up food because they don’t have teeth.when babys grow their teeth it,s called teething .babys have baths in a special baby bath with special baby soap

  14. Baby’s have milk also they have they have water but also but most importantly they need milk and mashed up food sush as mashed up potato and loads of vegetables like carrots and broccoli and coliflower.

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