Year 2 Basic Skills-Reading

Watch the video clip ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’ from Roald Dahl’s revolting rhymes. The text is also attached below for you to read through.



1.Why did the bears go for a walk?

2. What did Goldilocks do wrong?


3.How do you think Baby bear felt when his porridge had been eaten?

4.Which words did the author use to describe the porridge?


5.Did Goldilocks feel bad about breaking the chair? How do you know?

6.Which words did Dahl use to describe Goldilocks? Does he want you to like her? Why?

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  1. 1 because the porridge was very hot.
    2 because she went to their house with out asking.
    3 baby bear felt very sad.
    4 lovely delices porridge.
    5 yes I know because I listen to the story.

  2. 1.becase Dady bears porridge was hot and baby bear wanted to come and baby bear.2.what goildy lox did wrong was broke in the house.3.babaŷ bear would of had been sad.

  3. Why did the Bears go for a walk?because the porridge was too hot.
    How do you think baby bear felt when his porridge had been eaten?sad and worried and terrified.

  4. The three bears tasted the porridge but the porridge was to hot so they walk and
    walk .goldilocks nocked on the door and she went inside but nobody was inside.
    so Goldilocks tryed all of the porridge but baby bears porridge was just right and she sat all of the chairs but baby bears chair broke.

  5. The bears went out for a walk because there porridge was the to burning. Bronze 😈🤒😭😧😱😖😳😔😐🤓😚😌😊😄😀😱

  6. Bronze

    1.The three bears went for a walk because the porridge was
    too hot and they knew it would cool down while they were walking outside for a few minutes.
    2.What Goldilocks had done wrong was taking a bite of daddy bear’s porridge and mummy bear’s porridge also eating all of baby bear’s porridge.
    She also sat on baby bear’s chair and broke it into pieces.


    3.I think baby bear felt sad,upset,shocked and hungry when his porridge had been eaten.
    4.The words that the author used to describe the porridge
    was hot and heated.


    5.Goldilocks didn’t feel bad about breaking baby bear’s chair.
    I know why she doesn’t feel bad about breaking baby bear’s
    chair because she wasn’t worried and didn’t look worried.
    6.The words that Roald Dahl used to describe Goldilocks was
    Criminal, bad and naughty.
    I think he doesn’t want us to like Goldilocks.
    I think he doesn’t want us to like Goldilocks because if we did like Goldilocks we would of acted like her.

  7. bronze:
    The bears went on a walk because they wanted the porridge to cool down when they come back.
    Goldilocks stole food and damaged their property.
    angry and upset.
    beautiful porridge

  8. Bronze .
    1. So there porridge will cool down.
    2. She crept into the the house without telling anyone.
    1. Heartbroken
    2. Hot
    1.No she didn’t care.

  9. Because the porridge was hot.
    Because ate baby bear porridge.
    He was bursting with sadness
    Delicious scrumptious and tasty.
    Didn’t care because that wasn’t her’s.
    Knasty horrible and didn’t care.
    No because she’s mean and horrible.

  10. Gold:
    Goldilocks felt a bit bad of breaking the chair
    Because she thought it was good to sit on.
    Roald Dahl described Goldilocks as poor young Goldilocks.🙍🏼🐻🐻🐻

  11. Bronze

    1. because the bears porridge was cold and they want it to be hot.

    2. because she took baby bears porridge,chair and bed


    3. he felt really really sad
    4. she said beautiful porridge

    5. I think she did because baby bear was very sad
    6.amazing yes

  12. Bronze:
    1.Because the bears porridge was cold.

    2.because she tryed the porridges and all of baby bears…
    She broke baby bears chair…
    goldilocks slept in babys bed and fell asleep.


    He was crying so much.

    • Goldilocks was cross when the chair broke.

      Roald Dhal described her by using beautiful,she wasnt kind because Goldilocks went into other peoples house with out asking.

  13. bronze:
    1 the porige was hot
    2 she comes sneaking in the house
    1 I think baby bear felt sad
    2 the author used hot
    1 happy because she needed to go bed that time
    2 little and I think the baby bear doesn’t,t like her because she was theiving

  14. Bronze
    Q1 The bears went for a walk because there porridge was too hot.
    Q2 Goldilocks ate the porridge.
    Baby bear felt sad and upset.
    Scrumptious,delicious and hot

  15. The Bears went for a walk because there porridge was hot.
    2.goldilocks did the wrong thing because she broke in ‘broke baby bears chair’ slept in a bed that wasn’t her,s and the thier delicious and scrumptious porridge.
    3. Sad because it took along time to make porridge and it was it morning meal.

  16. The Bears went for a walk because there porrige was hot so the thought it was a good idea to have a walk while it was cooling down. Goldilocks was a bit cheeky and she slept in baby bears comfy bed . I think baby bear was. A bit sad because she slept in his bed . Hot scrumptious and deliciouse. I think goldilocks did feel bad about the chair because it is not nice to break people’s things and it is unrespectful and a bit silly .

  17. Bronze:The porridge was hot.Ate the porridge.
    Silver:sad ,tired, scrumptious delicious.
    Gold:relly bad because I read it.kind, sharing,great full.I do want to be her because she is clever.

  18. 1.the Bears when for a walk because there porridge was hot.she went to the Bears house without asking.
    2.he was up set and hungry.
    3.he said delisous tasty. because it wasn’t hers.
    5.she had golden hair.
    Thank you.

  19. Bronze
    The Bears went on a walk because the porridge was to hot.
    Goldilocks went in the house with out permission.

    Baby bear was sad when his porridge was eaten.
    Steaming hot cold and warm.

  20. The Bears went for a walk into the woods.
    Goldilocks entered the Bears house with out permission.bronze challenge
    Baby bear felt upset when his porridge had been eaten.
    Hot cold worm.silver challenge
    Yes because of her face.

  21. Bronze

    1.Because there porridge was hot
    2.Entering someone’s house without permission breaking the chair sleeping in other people’s beds and eating the porridge


    1.Sad hurt and upset
    2. Steaming hot cold and warm

  22. Beacause there Porige was to hot .
    She didn’t use her manners and she broke into someone’s house
    He felt sad and miserable and angry and hungry
    boiling bubbling hot

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