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Year 2 Brazilian Carnival

On Friday, as part of our Topic work on Brazil, Year 2 had a carnival! We created carnival headdresses, played instruments and most importantly… DANCED! We had so much fun! Can you spot Miss Ahmed having fun too?! She couldn’t resist!

Can you tell me any facts about Brazil?

8 responses to “Year 2 Brazilian Carnival”

  1. Joshan Joydon

    That carnival was amazing

  2. Lacey O’Meara

    Brazil has lots of rain forests

  3. Bukumi Adeniyi

    Looks like you had a fun time. Your right Miss.Ahmed can’t resit fun.

  4. Menahel Zia

    I loved the music!

  5. Malaikah Hussain

    I loved the samber song a d engoid it

  6. Zeinab Keita

    In brazil it has an amazon rainforest

  7. Head Teacher

    Some great movers!

  8. Zeinab Keita


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