Year 2- British values day 4- The paralympics

We have been learning about the paralympics and researched a British paralympian called Ellie Simmonds. We made our own posters about her.

We learnt that Goalball is a sport played in the paralympics and we played our own game. We used blindfolds to help us to gain respect for athletes with blindness.

What is the paralympics?

What did you gain from playing goal ball?


10 thoughts on “Year 2- British values day 4- The paralympics

  1. I am impressed at the amount of skill it must take Paralympians to play a game like that with a SILENT ball 🏀 but I am impressed by your skills Year 2

  2. The paralympics are sports for people that have disabilities.
    In goalball you gain respect for people that are blind or can’t stand up.

  3. Paraypics is the elimpic for people that have no hands or something like that.
    I gained that it is scary for the people that are blyned .

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