This week in Topic we are learning all about China.

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Can you do some independent research? Have a look at these websites for ideas!

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8 responses to “Year 2 China Research”

  1. Claire Mugo

    The Chinese name is Zhong Guo”, which means the middle kingdom and China is a big country

  2. Hani Shakeel

    China people use chopsticks and they have nice nudles and they are strong at

  3. Zeinab Keita

    China is a big country and Russia is near China
    China has more people living than England
    In China people eat with chop stictk s

  4. Sahkib Uddin

    to dwnmj

  5. Chinese people live together.

  6. Aisha Chawdhury

    Chinese people always closely together

    1. Murtaza Ali

      It was AWESOME(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  7. Zara Sohail

    On the 19th February it is Chinese new year
    Chinese New Year lasts for 15 days
    In China every yearns represented by 12animals

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