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65 thoughts on “Year 2 – Comparing the Caribbean with the UK

  1. UK is different than Caribbean, because in UK is too much raining and more cold than is Caribbean.
    In Carabbian beeing very hot the fruits is baking very fast!
    Example: Lemmon, Orange, Kiwi.

  2. The U.K. Is different then the Caribbean because it has a tornados but England hasn’t .
    Coventry has buildings and Caribbean has buildings to.

    I would nice to go to Caribbean but it has tornado
    In Coventry we don’t have tornadoes.

  3. By 2 Blue Caterpillars

    In the uk and Caribbean the weather changes throughout the year.
    In the winter it is rainy and cold in the Caribbean and in the uk, but in the uk we also have snow. In the summer it is rainy in the Caribbean, they also have some hurricanes. In England it is hot in the summer from June, July til August.

    We all have different fruits, all fruit grows on trees and plants.

    The sand in the Caribbean is white. The sand in England is golden and brown.

    Caribbean houses are different they are smaller and look old, they look longer.

  4. The U.K. Is different then the Caribbean because the U.K. has long roads but Caribbean has short roads.
    Caribbean and the U.K. Is slitley different because they both have beautiful beaches but I like Caribbean.

  5. 1.Caribbean and UK both have beaches and there different.
    2.Caribbean has different houses in the UK there are more different houses and cars. the caribbean there different kinds of fruit. the caribbean there are only fruit.

  6. They both have lots of beaches 🌊.
    They have lots of beautiful houses 🏡.
    We have the same weather ❄️.
    The carabean fruit 🍉 looks nice 👍.🍪🍭🍩🍮🍿🎂🍫🍰🍬🍦

  7. 1.They both have beaches .
    2.caribbean is way hot than them uk 🇬🇧 .
    3.yes I would like to visit Caribean because it is more hotter there.

  8. The Caribbean’s fruits are difrent to the UK because the UK has apples and oringes ‘chery’s’strauberys the Caribbean has coconuts mango

  9. The similaritie is the Caribbean and the UK both have beaches.the difference is the Caribbean fruits are exotic and the uk has boring fruits

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