51 thoughts on “Year 2- Comparing UK and the Caribbean

  1. 1. They both have beaches and lovely fruits.
    2. The Caribbean has a lot of rain and stormy weathers. The UK does not have stormy weathers like the Caribbean.
    3. No because of the rainy and stormy weather.

  2. 1 They both have beaches.There both islands.They both have fruit.
    2.There both different because they both have different fruit different seasons and different houses.
    3.yes only in the dry season.

  3. The Caribbean has beaches and England has beches.
    The Caribbean has two sesons and England has four seasons.
    Yes I would visit Caribbean. You would need sunglassies🌵🌼🌻🌹

  4. In Caribbean it was stormy and really really really really HOT! But in UK it was a beautiful sunny day and it was a warm day and it warmest day ✈️❤️🤑😋😍😎❤️💛💚💙💜❣💕💞💓💗💖💝💟🔹🔶🔷🔺♥️🇧🇴🇧🇪🇰🇾😻😽👄👅👁

  5. U.K. and Caribbean are similar because they both have seaside
    U.K. And Caribbean are not the same because Caribbean has tropical trees and the U.K. Hasn’t. Got tropical trees
    I would like to visit Caribbean because it sounds interesting.

  6. Both countries have houses,fruit and beaches. However they are both different to each other. The beaches in the Caribbean have white sand but in the uk we have golden rocky beaches.I would like to visit the Caribbean in May because it’s going to be 25 to 30 degrees

  7. 1. Both of them sell fruit,they also they have houses.
    2.The Caribbean has two seasons.
    3.I will visit the Caribbean because it has nice whether.

  8. They both have fruit and beaches.They both sell fruit. They both have same sand and the colour of the sand is white and gold. The colour of the sea is blue light but it is light and blue.

  9. Both countries have houses and fruit.

    The U.K has yellow sand compared to the Caribbean has white sand.

    The weather I the Caribbean is very nice and hot.

    I will like to visit the Caribbean because it has nice blue water and it sounds fun.

  10. 1.They both have fruit,houses and beaches.
    2.The Uk has dark sand and the Caribbean has light sand.
    3.Yes because it has a nice weather.

  11. The thing that is similar is they both have houses, beaches and fruit. However,
    there is a difference the difference is the Caribbean has 2 seasons and the U.K.
    has 4 seasons.I would like to visit the Caribbean because it has nice beaches,
    houses, fruit and nice weather.

    By Habbi and Qasim

  12. The thing that is the same about the United Kingdom and the Caribbean is that they are both a island.The Caribbean has two seoson sand Britain has four seoson. Yes because it’s near the eqator.

  13. in the caribbean the beaches are nice, it has 2 seasons and white sand. the uk golden sand and is colder.
    and in the caribean there are tropical fruit they are good.

  14. The weather in the Caribbean changes over the year . The carribbean has a different season of weather.In the winter(December,February and January,there is a little rainfall.On average , there is between five cm to eight cm of rain each month .The average temperature is around 25 degrees outside Celsius . The Spring months are March , April and May start to get hotter and hotter in celcuis it is 30 degrees some islands have 13 cm per rain .The weather in uk also follows a pattern in the Caribbean .The difference is that in the Caribbean has more beaches and in the uk there aren’t that much beaches

  15. The U.K fruit is different to the Caribbean fruit because all of the Caribbean fruit grows on trees and the U.K fruit doesn’t all grow on trees. The Caribbean fruits are different to our fruit.

    The Caribbean houses are different because we get terist house and the Caribbean houses are just seprute houses.

    The Caribbean beaches are different because the beaches on the Caribbean have trees and the one on the uk does not have trees.

    The similar thing about the Caribbean and the U.K is that they both have beaches,houses and rivers.

    The thing that is different between the uk and the Caribbean is that the Caribbean has a lot of hurricanes but the uk has no hurricanes at all.

    I would not like to visit the Caribbean because it has a lot of hurricanes.

  16. The u.k and the Caribbean. In the beach they both have sand. In the Caribbean they have 2 season and the u.k has 4 season. Yes because it is sunny.

  17. Q1) The things that are similar to Caribbean and UK is that they have houses,buildings,beaches and schools.

    Q2) The thing that is different to Caribbean is that their fruit,sea,tropical storms and hurricanes the UK differences are their whether and fruit.

    Q3) I would like to go to Caribbean because in May till December it is really Hot but I would not like to go on June to November it is terrible because it has really bad hurricanes,rain and wind.
    I don’t want to go to the Caribbean because in June to November its rainy so I can’t go out that much and Tropical storms! and if it’s hot,hurricanes come.

    From Atena and Ayaan.

  18. In the uk and Caribbean there are both beaches ,houses and trees.

    The difference between the uk and the Caribbean is that in the Caribbean there are rainy seasons and hot seasons but in the uk there are four seasons.

    No I wouldn’t because there are lots of hurricanes and tropical storms

  19. The Caribbean and the U.K. both have fruit.
    The Caribbean has hotter sun but the Uk is colder.
    The uk is not altogether with Caribbean.
    The beaches are hoter.

  20. 1.In the uk there are beaches and in the in the Caribbean there are beaches.
    2.It is hot in the Caribbean but in the uk it’s cold.
    3.I don’t want to visit the Caribbean.

  21. 1 In both countries we have beaches,houses and fruit
    2 in the Caribbean island is 25 digrease and In the U.K it’s only 23 digrease
    3 I don’t want to visit the Caribbean island because it’s really really hot and I
    will burn to death

  22. Here we have beches and the Caribbean has beches.the Caribbean has tropical storms and the U.K. Don’t have tropical storms.yes because it’s hot.

  23. What is similar about the Caribbean and he uk?They both have beaches.
    What is different about the Caribbean and the uk?The uk has more lovely houses
    and the Caribbean hasn’t.would yo like to visit the Caribbean? Yes I would like to
    visit the Caribbean because it sounds like a good place.

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