13 thoughts on “Year 2 – Counting in 3s

  1. I can notice that I am missing to numbers every time I count and this gives me a pattern.

    It’s little bit hard to count backwards in 3’s

  2. 1.The pattern I can notice is the skipping to numbers and spotting it going diagonal.
    2.I can count backwards in threes and it is easy and I don’t get muddled up at all.

  3. The pattern that I can notice is that in counting in 3s that you have to skip 2 numbers in between.99,96,93,90,87,84,81,78,75,72,69,66,63,60,57,54,51,48 ,45,42,39,36,33,30,27,24,21,18,15,12,9,6,3,0.

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