Year 2 Engineers

Hello Year 2,

As this week is Engineering Week, we want you to think about the engineering of cars .

Use the link below to design your own car.


Also, engineers need to be able to draw out their designs so have a go at following these instructions:

Draw a Car

Draw a Fire Truck

Finally, we would like you to make a fact poster or factsheet about an engineer. Choose one of the engineers listed to do your work on.

Henry Ford

James Dyson

Isambard Kingdom Brunel

George Stephenson

9 thoughts on “Year 2 Engineers

  1. Brunel was born in 1806.
    Brunel died in 1854.
    Brunel built bridges, railways and the world’s biggest ship.
    Most ship’s at this time were made of wood.
    People paid for ride’s in time Clifton bridge basket.
    Brunel lived above his London office.
    Brunel was a famous engineer.

  2. Henry ford:
    Henry Ford was born in Greenfield Township, Michigan, America.His father was William Ford and he was born in Ireland in County Cork.Henry probably attended a local school or was taught at home. Henry Ford was born on July 30th 1863 and during the 19th century period in history when significant developments were made in science, medicine and technology.At thirteen years of age he was totally angry by the death of his mother.His father would expect him to take over the running of the farm.

  3. Biography:Henry ford (1863-1947) Henry Ford was born on 1863.
    Sadly his death was on 1947.
    Henry Ford was famous for founding the ford motor company.
    Although it would take Henry Ford several companies and a number of years, he would finally not only have developed an affordable automobile to be used for commercial as well as private use he would also become one of the major manufacturers of the automobile industry.
    He is largely given credit for developing the assembly line
    although there is some suggestion that the idea actually came from several of his employees.

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