Year 2 – English Homework

This week we have been reading the ‘Spider School’.

Your homework this week will be as follows:

Caterpillars – Draw a picture and write 3 sentences to describe Kate’s teacher. Remember to think about appearance/personality/likes/dislikes.

Butterflies and Bees – Write 3 sentences to describe how Kate is feeling on the front cover of the story and give your reasons why. Remember to use the conjunction ‘because’ to explain your reasons. 

Spiders and Ladybirds – At the end of the story Kate wakes up from a dream. Use your imagination to write a different ending of the story. Remember to use interesting adjectives and conjunctions. 

60 thoughts on “Year 2 – English Homework

  1. 1 Kate was fright because her teacher was a Gorilla !!!😀😎
    2 Kate put her hand up were are the toilets no toilets in this school.
    3 it was dinner time what are we eating today spiders snakes and snails!!!😀😎

  2. Kate is feeling horrified because there are spiders all around her.

    She is also feeling disgusted because she has spiders to eat for lunch.

    And she is shocked because she has to eat spiders,snails,snakes worms.

  3. When Kate went to her new school her teacher was a gorilla and the was ugly and nasty. Sometime later in the day, the gorilla was reading a book and Kate put her hand up and asked where the are the books? The gorilla said there are no books in this school!

  4. In the story Kate’s teacher was called Mr. Gorilla .He looks like a huge monkey his body was covered in brown hairs but he wears nice teachers cloths . He look like to be a huge size gorilla as compared to Kate .He was a grumpy angry gorilla teacher .But he was only grumpy when kate was late to the school ( like Mr .carter heheheheheh)i means mr carter is not gorilla but he does become angry when someone is late :). And Kate was putting her hand up again and again . Gorilla teacher looks scary and he wants all children to do whatever he wants even if it means to eat spider and snails eeewwe :( i think it was a strange school it looks like a dungeon and it was dark and it has no toilets and no chairs and tables .I think i don’t like this school .It was a nightmare school .

  5. Kate wus late four school she waked in the roung side and she sead to mum wes my close mum sead wer your old close you.class is number 3 kate sead i cant yes you can sead mum.

  6. Kate wus late four school she waked up she sead mum wes my close mum sead wer your old close mum sead you class number 3 sead mum kate sead i cant find number 3 sead kate yes you can.

  7. Kate woked up she waked in rong side kates mum sead hurry up sead you are late four schoo kate sead wes my dress sead kate you havtoo wer your old schoo dress kate teacher wus mr gringl you are late four school

  8. Kate was completely terrified about going to that ugly school because she did not want to eat those little disgusting creatures such as snakes, snails and spiders for dinner. At around 7am, her mum came to her room and said “wake up Kate”, she was amazed and quickly dashed out of her bed and got up ready to go to her new school. Kate was a bit nervous going to school because it was her first day. In the class she found Robbie writing his date and title. She was so happy to be with her friend in a lovely bright school. Kate was excited to meet with her new class teacher and new friends. She also wanted to go for a school tour to see all the new things such as the library, playground and the head teacher’s office. Kate was very happy to know that her new school is not like the one she had in her terrible dream, which was a ‘spooky school’.

  9. Kate woke up on the wrong side and her pink clothes was there. So she quickly got dressed. She thought she was late for school. So she asked her dad, “am I late for school”. Then dad said she’s not late for school. She looked at the yellow coloured clock and she saw the time.

  10. I enjoyed reading the Spider School story.I liked the characters and the setting but I imagined a different ending for the story. At the end, Kate went to a new school. It was a colourful school with no creepy spiders and slimy slugs. The new school teacher was nice and lovely because the teacher was kind to Kate. This was the author’s ending, but if I was the author I could make some changes at the end. I wished Kate went to a new school and found many friendly gorilla friends and teachers.I imagined Kate played happily with them and knew at the end that gorillas could act like humans and be kind to them.

  11. kate was very scared because her teacher was a gorrila .she was very horrible and her colour was black.i dont like when she was going to eat spiders and snails.i like when she wake up and every thing was ok.

  12. kate was very scared of her gorrila teacher .she was horrible and her colour was black.i dont like when she was going to eat spider and snails.i like when she wake up and she saw that every thing is normal.

  13. 1. Kate is frightened because there are spiders every where.
    2. She is scared because she does not like to eat spiders.
    3. She is shocked because there are spiders on her plate.

  14. Kate went to her school.
    The gorilla finded Kate
    in her classroom working.
    The gorilla took Kate and
    make her eat the food.
    Then she ran home and
    never ever came
    to any school not even the
    spider school

  15. Kate was completely terrified she doesn`t want to go to the
    old school her mum said wake up or your going to be late.
    Her mum gave her lunch box filled with snakes, snails and spiders with ketchup sauce on top.

    Kate got to school and knocked on the door really hard, the
    gorilla said your late but where is my teacher don`t you
    remember me, I though I got a new teacher. The gorilla said don’t act too smart with me and get into your class room.

    It was dinner time and she had to eat the same meal everyday.

  16. Kate is feeling sad because she could’nt find her new school. She saw a gorilla in the school. Kate does not like to wake up in the morning.

  17. Kate woke up and she thought her dream was real but it wasn’t. Kate thought her teacher the gorilla was real but it wasn’t. Kate woke up and she went to her new school and her teacher was joyful, kind, nice, and tall.

  18. When Kate ran home she went to hide somewhere. She stayed still as a statue. She was hiding because she was frightened of the gorilla teacher. She was scared because she thought the teacher was going to drag her to school. Kate snugled up in her mums bed and dreamd about seeing her friend at home.

  19. Kate woke up from her dream to find her bed full of spiders. The spiders were very big and scary with huge legs. She began to get scared and called her mum. When her mum came to her room, she found Kate shaking and sweating. There was only one small spider on the bed, so her mum asked her why she got scared. Kate replied that her dream was the same. Kate realised that this had been her imagination. She got up quickly, got ready and dashed to school.

  20. She runs home and she goes inside her bedroom and she covered her face in her blanket. The next morning she wakes up and she was getting getting ready to go to school and she was very happy to wear her new shoes for school.

  21. Kate went to the school and she was thinking, about what are we learning today? The teacher asked children, what is the name of our school? Kate said, errrr, is a Toy Story school. Wrong!!! Teacher said, it is a Gorilla school.

  22. kate teacher was a grolila so kates was frightend of spiders kate was only the one in the street. kate did’nt like the school because it looked like a dungen. she coudn’t find class 3 she found class 1,2,3,4,5,6 and class 7.finally she found class 3 she knock on the door no answer she knock as hard as she could the door was wide open.the grolila shouted your LATE.

  23. Kate is feeling sad because she has to eat the spiders.
    Kate is feeling scared because there are spiders around her.
    Kate is feeling horrible because she goes to a spider school.

  24. In the morning when Kate woke up she was very scared so she dashed to her school but it was very colourful and bright.She was amazed but she also was puzzled so she walked into her school said hello to her teacher and went to find Robby. She told Robby about what happened and then Robby said “we shall check all of the city and if we find the school we shall go to class three and give the mean ,ugly and rude gorilla a punishment ” Kate agreed so they went off to find the spider school after school.Kate and Robby looked all over the city but they couldn’t find that dark ugly school.So she went to her mum sadly and went to her room . Her mum asked ,what’s the matter?. Kate told her about her dream. Her mum said ” it was a dream nothing will happen like this”.Kate was very happy so was her family. The End

  25. Kate had a shocking day. However she loved the school she had delicious spiders and slugs for lunch.She woke up and she felt upset because she wanted to stay in the dream.

  26. In the morning when Kate woke up from a horrible dream, she was so scared if there was a nasty gorilla waiting to wake her up.She ran downstairs very fast to her mum and hugged her mum very hard and told her all about her horrible dream that she had and she was very happy that it was just a dream not real.

  27. kate teacher name is mr Griling. kate nokt and nokt mrGriling said shout at kate. she run to bed hhhhh it was 7o clock mum said you are not to Leter she saw robin readinG in the coner the end of the end of the story.

  28. When Kate was at school her dinner was snakes,spiders and snails.
    At Kate new school there were no chairs,no tables and no pencils.
    Kate teacher was horrible nasty and naughty.
    when Kate went inside her classroom she felt sad and scared.
    Kate’s classroom was dusty,ugly and dirty.

  29. When Kate wakes up she thinks she has to go to the same school and see the gorilla teacher and the horrible dinner lady. Kate feels terrified because she has to eat spiders, snakes and snails for lunch but just then her mum came with her lovely lunch box but her lunch was spiders,snails and snakes and her mum was actually the gorilla teacher.

  30. Kate woke up and thought her dream was real, but it wasn’t real. Then she went to the right class and saw a different teacher compared to her dream. Also she almost saw all of her class friends she was surprised and delighted.

  31. Kate looks scared because there are spiders around her.

    Kate looks terrified because there are spiders in her plate.

    Kate is shocked because she has to eat spiders.

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